2012 Awards

trophyYes, it is that time of year again. I was going to delay this until Wednesday or Friday, or even the weekend at the latest, but I decided to simply do so, since I had everything sorted and delaying was pointless, really. Slacking off is no good.

You probably remember my previous awards list. This time, however, I decided to actually be serious about it. Why give a series that is good and continues to be good a humorous award for the author being good, when another new series could also be good? This time, the awards are to be serious, and intended to convey any sort of weight of being ‘the best in this category.’ Not much weight, since this isn’t a huge blog, but some weight, as I don’t get bribed, nor do I have any incentive to award awards to well known mangaka, games studios, or anime studios. They usually don’t send me review copies, so I get to remain independent and not have to worry about sucking up to them so that I may continue to be on their good side.

These awards work simply: I have a few categories, and will award the award in each category for what was the best in the category. A new game/manga/anime will be weighted more so than one that didn’t come out this year. However, if something from this year was that far from par, something from a previous year that was still good may take precedence.

Let’s get started, then.

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