JAST USA Anounces Moero Downhill Night Blaze

This would have been a review, except that I just got a press release from JAST stating that Moero Downhill Night Blaze had gone golden master. Seriously, they combined eroge, visual novels, and a racing game into one. Seriously, this must be what being a race car driver would be like: fast cars, races, and lots of eager and willing women.


You probably want to see the actual notice.

JAST USA Press Release: Adult Racing Game “Moero Downhill Night BLAZE” Goes Golden Master

JAST USA, the leading publisher of Japanese PC games in English, has announced the Golden Master status of Moero Downhill Night BLAZE, the third and final chapter in the Downhill Night series of adult street racing games. The master has been sent for printing and the game is expected to ship in the coming weeks.

Moero Downhill Night BLAZE offers two distinct types of gameplay. The story is told through traditional visual novel segments, during which players are presented with choices that determine the course of the game. The most important choice a player will face is which of the game’s five adorable heroines will be his partner. The heroine you choose will remain by your side for the rest of the game, offering support both on and off the track.

When the time comes to take to the streets, BLAZE puts players behind the wheel of one of nine different cars in an arcade-style racing simulation with six tracks and gamepad support. Your chosen heroine determines which cars you drive, and she will also pop up on the screen to cheer you on.

The release of Moero Downhill Night BLAZE was delayed because the original publishers, located in Sendai, Japan, were badly damaged when the earthquake hit on March 11 of last year. “Happily, no one was injured,” said JAST USA president Peter Payne. He went on to say that “since JAST USA is based in Gunma Prefecture, where the popular ‘Initial D’ anime is set, we’ve always been fans of mountain racing. And since Moero Downhill Night BLAZE is the first real driving game ever released for adults, it’s a little piece of gaming history. We want to thank all fans who have waited so patiently for the game. Happy driving!”

Moero Downhill Night BLAZE is DRM-free, fully uncensored, and suitable for adults 18 years of age or older. It is available for preorder now on the JAST USA store, as well as at JList.com. More information can be found at the JAST USA developer blog, http://www.jastusa.com.


Review: Bonic Heart

No, I did not have my heart replaced by a machine. If I did, I’d go for one of those cool turbine ones, since turbines are inherently awesome, as jet engines are turbines. it would be like little jet engines in my body.

Before I digress too far, Bionic Heart is a hybrid of a visual novel and an adventure game. It has an enormous amount of possible endings, and it seems like a sequel is in the making.

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