Best of 2013!

That’s right, I’ve been saving this one up and pondering what is still a half baked list.┬áThis is trying to be limited to things of this year, ad as such is notably limited.

The anime show of the year is of course Attack on Titan. As far as any show I saw this year, this had to be the most fun and best done. The starting premise is good, the ideas that make it up are extremely creative and it’s nicely different than other shows.

The best adult game of the year: 3D Custom Maid. I flat out admit I think 3D Custom Girl still has a lot of higher points to this, but the controller adds more function (needed for the game) and it adds a story, even if a bit tacked on and generic. The maid theme seems more limiting than just regular 3D Custom Girl, but remember, this is just best H game of the year.

I saved what is in my mind the best for last, the game of the year. After a bit of deciding if I really wanted to do this to a series that wraps up this year and is only partially translated into English, I decided to do so. Ladies and gentlemen, the game of the year for 2013 is Monster Girl Quest. I felt it was worth this recognition, even over Hate Plus, mostly because I didn’t play Hate Plus. Monster Girl Quest 3 this year continued the trilogy, and overall I have been impressed with the interesting design choices the series brought. it took what would have been a generic H game idea and added globs of interesting moral concepts to the story, and even messed with the player by making them choose between succeeding at the game or sex. And not to mention it puts forward all sorts of interesting and good ideas about heroism and morality.

Where to get these?

Attack on Titan is available on Crunchyroll. The show is excellent and definitely something I found worthy of well, this recognition and of showing to friends.

3D Custom Maid is available here. (The older 3D Custom Girl for those that don’t want Custom Maid is here.)

And if you want Monster Girl Quest, the site of the creator is here, although there may be NSFW images on the site, so be warned.

And to end this, happy holidays to everyone!