Remember necomimi? Well, how about a tail?

photo-fullWell, the video won’t work, so just look at this picture, taken from the video instead of watching the video before reading this post.




It turns out that Neurowear, the company that produced the necomimi ears, had been planning to make a tail. You may have seen the videos of the tail, at that time called the Shippo. I like that name, it is rather funky and somewhat nonsensical sounding.

Well, it ended up being that the person who created the necomimi has struck out for Kickstarter to raise the money to build and produce the Shippo all on their own. Except the Sippo is now known as the Tailly.

Tailly is to react to your heart rate to sense excitement or calmness. The sensors are located on the belt itself, so no wires, grounding clips, or strap on heart rate monitor to deal with, it is all integrated in the unit itself. There are already several different tail coverings, and depending on how much you pledge, you can get all of the tail coverings. Or you could get, if you spend the maximum amount, a custom made Tailly just for you. Oh, and the Kickstarter rewards Tailly is to be a special edition just for Kickstarter backers, and markedly different from the ones to be sold in stores and online.

If you bought the necomimi, this is likely to be of interest to you. If you didn’t buy the necomimi, but still like this idea, why not give a few dollars/pounds/yen or whatever to try to help him reach his goal?

The most basic Tailly with one tail cover is 60 GBP, or around $90 USD. If you pledge 25 GBP, you do get a special edition shirt. For that price, at roughly double the cost of the shirt you get the Tailly, which means that Tailly is cheap at $90 or that shirt is expensive at $40 USD. I think it may be the latter.

I wish writing up excited posts about products not yet released and products being funded got me on the good side of the company making it, and would earn me a small discount or maybe a free one if they felt really generous.

I get absolutely nothing from these types of posts.

If you want the regular necomimi, you can get the U.S version here: necomimi U.S. edition

And the international version is here: necomimi international

And how about alternative ears? There are brown ears and also black ears and it seems like leopard ears are in the works, but not yet for sale. I checked those products up on J-List, and the leopard ears page returns a page not found error, so it seems that they just aren’t available yet.


2 thoughts on “Remember necomimi? Well, how about a tail?

    • My best guess would be that the two versions filter out specific areas of radio frequency interference and don’t filter out bands not commonly seen in other countries.
      In other words, the necomimi will pick up stray signals and not filter them out if you have the incorrect version, making them behave not wholly according to your intention.
      That is my best guess.

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