Custom AI-DROID Ai review

Custom AI-DROID Ai is a game about a boy/man who gets an AI-DROID in the mail and must then teach it things. You would thnk it would be something useful, like chores and other service type tasks that would benefit the owner by leaving them more free time, but actually, it ends up being primarily sex.

Sadly, or maybe gladly, depending on your view, that is about the only nice thing there is to say about the game.

I am honestly thankful I borrowed this, as if I had actually spend money on it, I would have been so disappointed. This is explained later. I did not pirate the game.

The story and character dialogue is all in Japanese, which isn’t that big of a deal. Thanks to the magic of the internet, the plot has been described succinctly, along with the gameplay. In fact, you would be better off just going to the wiki and reading the articles there.

The game has you teach the AI-DROID things like chores as well as sex. The game plays a little like an RPG, as you have a heart you need to keep full enough that she listens, as well as knowledge and other bars that you need to have her do work to increase. Reading books boosts her knowledge (she must be a non-fiction fan.) Chores seem to boost her affection, while sex lowers it.

Funny, you would think that being ordered to work for someone would cause a drop in affection, and screwing them would raise it (depending on who the person is.)

The game doesn’t seem to be able to decide if it wants to be a full-on H game, a regular eroge, or an adult RPG.

There is merely one ending to the story, and I’m not sure if failure is possible. Not only that, but the story progresses as slowly or as quickly as you want.

The real reason you would buy this game is for the ‘freeplay’ mode, where anything you taught her in the main game can be done at any time in ‘freeplay.’ Chores? Check. Reading? Check. Sex? Check, check, and check. Naturally, if you do not unlock something in the main game, you do not get to enjoy it in freeplay, thus padding out the length of the game as players will try to do absolutely everything so they can have it in freeplay.

Other issues include the fact that it will crash your computer. However, there is a workaround. I used the HF patch which turned menus and most commands into English, as well as creating an English version of the files. It still requires a Japanese locale to run, so I used HFpApploc which allowed me to run the game using Japanese locale without having to change any setting son my computer. Take that, regional settings.

With the real appeal of the game being freeplay, you would think it would be somehting playable with only one hand. Well, good news: it isn’t really. You can either watch her do various tasks, which is incredibly boring, or have sex with her, which is also uninteresting. If you sue the HF patch and have the uncensor mod turned on, the sex is also soul-scarring, with how various bits end up rendered. Basically, for the sex, you sit there clicking the ‘ACTION’ button (which is seriously labeled ‘ACTION’) until the pink bar has risen enough, then you can choose an option from the ‘FINISH’ button.

Congratulations to AI-DROID for making H games as exciting as any progress bar in any game, or in other words, for making it a very uninteresting task, and almost like work.

Freeplay mode also allows you to customize the appearance of the AI-DROID so… hang on a minute. A freeplay mode, with sex as the sole attraction, 3d animated characters (as they say) with customizable appearances? That sounds a lot like the 3d Custom girl game, just without the usb device that allows you to fully interact with the game.

I have nothing else really left to say, the game just isn’t interesting enough to justify a supermassive review. There simply isn’t enough to the game. I’m glad I borrowed this from a friend.

Hang on, there is one more thing: The game has a soundtrack, which seems to consist of two different 30-second sound loops that repeat to make the soundtrack. Imagine techno, but with no beat. The soundtrack is enough to make you want to turn the sound off, just so you don’t have to hear it. Not on,y that, but the voice of the AI-DROID is either squeaky and high-pitched, or a much lower-pitched near-drawl.Basically, the voices are to appeal to a massive loli fan, or to a glasses maid fan. The thing is, no matter what you make the AI-DROID look like, or even what she looks like in the story, none of the voices seem like a perfect match. Maybe having more than three choices where two sound very similar would have been nice.

In the end, buying AI-DROID is basically admitting you want 3D custom girl, but you don’t have the $180 to spend on it.

Score: 1/5

Pros: Cool voiceover in the menus that announces things. The ‘3d’ character and environment is pretty cool also. An interesting plot idea.

Cons: boring, un-enjoyable, which is bad for any game, much less an H-game. Can’t really decide which type of adult game it wants to be. Plot has been done better by many other manga and anime, but I know of no other games. Really is an admittance that you can’t afford 3D custom girl.

Well, if you are too poor to afford 3D custom girl, but still want something similar, you can get it from J-List At this link.

But really, if you have $120 to throw at a game, save up the extra $60 to $80 and just buy the 3D custom girl. For what AI-DROID does, you will enjoy that game more for a cost of $180 to $200 for 3D custom girl as opposed to the $120 for AI-DROID.


2 thoughts on “Custom AI-DROID Ai review

  1. Proper review, I would have wasted time on this game if not for reading about the stats, Note: next time put more stats about the game if you would be so kind, in anycase thanks for the info

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