OtakuAnthony’s Expectations for next year

In a little less than five hours 2011 will come to an end and 2012 will start.  2011 has been an interesting year for me as a whole at least anime wise.  Joining this site as a writer was the biggest thing for me this year and I could get my thoughts and reviews out to more people.  So next year should be a lot different right?  Well I sure as hell hope so.  So what can you expect from me for next year.

First, you can expect to see more reviews from me next year.  While my next review is up to the fans for me to do, I have two other shows that I plan to review for January.  I also plan on doing more reviews for longer running shows instead of always just doing 12 and 13 episode shows all the time.  Now that I own a Roku I do intend to review shows that are streaming on sites such as Hulu and CrunchyRoll.

Second, since I have many opinions I would like to do more opinion articles on anime fandom and topics in anime in general.

Third, I have some ideas for articles that I will attempt to try next year in order to do something different.  I have a few ideas in my head but I need plan them out and get some prototypes worked out before I upload them to the site.

So everyone have a great New Years and see you next year.


First review for the new year

With 2011 just about wrapped up and 2012 just about to begin, I thought about what show I should choose as my first review for the New Year.  However, with many choices that I can choose from I cannot make up my mind on what to review.  Therefore, my dear readers I am turning to you yes you to help me what I should review next.  The poll listed below is the shows that I want to review.  The polls close on January 2 at 7:00 PM EST.  The show that gets the most votes will be what I review next.

Secret Santa Anime Review: Ergo Proxy

It’s time again for the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa thingy, where anime bloggers make each other watch shows and then write words about them. Last year I got to watch the seasonably appropriate Tokyo Godfathers, which is an excellent film directed by the late Satoshi Kon that you should all go buy. This year I’m watching Ergo Proxy, which isn’t seasonably appropriate in the least and it’s not exactly excellent either.

“The domed city of Romdo is an impenetrable would-be utopia where humans and robots coexist, and everything is under complete government control – or so it appears. While working on a mysterious murder case, Re-l Mayer, a female detective from the Civilian Intelligence Office, receives a foreboding message that something is going to “awaken.” That night, she’s attacked by a deformed super-being… What was this unidentified monster that attacked her, and who was the figure that came in between them? As Re-l attempts to unlock this spiraling mystery, a metaphysical battle cry leads her to the unknown outside world.”

Ergo Proxy has a fetish for being vague. The series’ terminology is rarely defined, and characters often have discussions of vague concepts. Sometimes this makes sense as things need to be obscure for the sake of the story, but most of the time it just gets annoying and tiresome. Certain plot points are also left vague such as an important event that’s essentially skipped when the story jumps from the group just about to return to Romdo after exploring the wasteland, to them being separated in Romdo after some serious shit had gone down. How the group got separated and what actually happened in Romdo is explained through narration. It was so abrupt that I thought I was being faked out (again).

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Manga Review: Bleach

Right, time to review Bleach, or the series that I gave an award to for its stubborn refusal to die.

As such, I will try to make this review very short, so it will be an amusing contrast to the series as a whole.

Plot: Bleach is about a boy named Ichigo who gains the powers of a death god from a shinigami named Rukia. He then goes on to fight evil spirits called Hollows.

Spoiler plot: Rukia gets kidnapped, and the next 100 or so chapters are spent going to the shinigami realm and rescuing her. Turns out she was going to be executed, but it was in an attempt to gain some sort of super powerful weapon.

The next bit (still spoiler) of plot is where Ichigo goes to the hollow realm and attempts to kill Aizen, the defector from the previous arc, as Aizen wants to destroy the shinigami realm. Several hundred chapters of that (not a joke)  and Ichigo manages to defeat Aizen through the use of a power he learned just a couple chapters before that and loses his power as the effect of his attack/transformation.

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Bandai Entertainment February 2012 Releases

Bandai’s releases for February are up for pre-order on RightStuf. Given that they have more stuff than usual, and all on the same day, don’t be terribly surprised if something gets delayed.

February 7th

Akira DVD
Code Geass Complete Second Season DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Complete First Season DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Complete Second Season DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Collection 2 DVD
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Part 2 DVD
Tales of the Abyss Part 3 DVD (Sub-only)
Tales of the Abyss Part 4 DVD (Sub-only)