JAST USA has new prices, new game announced

From the JAST website:

$10 Off

Do You Like Horny Bunnies $14.95
Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2 $14.95
Slave Pageant $14.95
Pick Me Honey! $14.95
The Sagara Family $24.95
Cat Girl Alliance $24.95

$5 Off

Deus Machina Demonbane $34.95
Yume Miru Kusuri $29.95
Princess Waltz $29.95
Lightning Warrior Raidy II $29.95
Moero Downhill Night $19.95
Moero Downhill Night 2 $19.95
Brave Soul $24.95
Enzai – Falsely Accused $14.95
Absolute Obedience $14.95
Cosplay Fetish Academy $29.95
Family Project $24.95
Amorous Professor Cherry $24.95
Snow Sakura $24.95
Bazooka Cafe $24.95
Figures of Happiness $14.95
Hitomi – My Stepsister $24.95
Let’s Meow Meow! $19.95
Idols Galore! $14.95
Come See Me Tonight 2 $14.95
Secret Wive’s Club $24.95
I’m Gonna Nurse You $14.95
I’m Gonna Nurse You 2 $14.95
Tsuki – Possession $19.95
Sensei 2 $14.95
Chain – The Lost Footprints $14.95
Kana – Little Sister $14.95

$2 Off

Tokimeki Check-in!! $12.95
Little My Maid $12.95
Water Closet $12.95
Critical Point $12.95
Doushin – Same Heart $12.95

Also, I am happy to get to announce a new game from MoeNovel, an all ages Visual Novel called If My Heart Had Wings. Even better news is that both JAST and J-List will be carrying the game. I haven’t heard any further details on the game, but you will all know the news once I do.


Short News Update

Here is where I admit I will likely not finish Monster Girl Quest Chapter 2, much less start on 3. The story is funky and different and interesting, but the gameplay is so padded that playing it classifies as some sort of torture.

But, for the good news: Analogue: A Hate Story is getting a sequel called Hate Plus. I will be honest, with just how good Analogue was, the news of this has me basically prepared to run around waving my hands in the air and shouting gibberish at the thought.

It continues on from your Analogue ending, has revamped gameplay, more writing, more story revealed, new art, new costumes, and a new soundtrack. The best news it is is scheduled for summer of 2013. More on it is at Christine Love’s blog.

Really, the only reaction I have is just to shout at anyone selling this to take my money, Analogue was just that good, and if Hate Plus only manages to be as good as Analogue was, then you are still seeing the most probable victor for Game of The Year 2013.

In fact, I’ll predict this: I will be quite surprised if Hate Plus does not meet or exceed Analogue, and quite surprised if something else turns out better in a way that earns the other game Game of The Year 2013.

Other game designers, you now know who to try and beat.