Funimation licenses more One Piece, episodes 206 – 263

Funimation announced earlier today, through the Unofficial One Piece Podcast’s website, that it has acquired more episodes of the anime series One Piece.

The Unofficial One Piece Podcast had put a countdown on its site earlier this week, and when it reached zero a special episode went up where the hosts interviewed various Funimation people involved in One Piece. The announcement was made by Senior Brand Manager Curtis Shaw at the very beginning of this special episode.

Funimation has acquired the next 58 episodes of One Piece, spanning episodes 206 to 263. It was also mentioned that the episodes would all be in widescreen, unlike the cropped DVD release some of these episodes received in Japan. Funimation will start releasing Season 4 next summer, though a release format hasn’t been finalized yet.


Review: Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946

With a surprise bonus mini-review of a CURRENT series.

Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946:

Well, here you go, a picture of the volume 1 cover. Don’t fall for the girl like some otaku do, she is 50 meters tall. It won’t work. Well, almost 50 meters, a point she is insistent on. Some girls are really sensitive about their height. Last time I checked, 48 or 49 meters was close enough to 50 that if somebody said “nearly 50 meters tall” the general impression would be had.

Well, the plot. The giant girl is some sort of…alien? youkai? and she fights other monsters that try to attack…something in the city for some reason. Well, she starts by living in a giant tent on a school campus, where she fights something at the school, and some boy from that school sees her. Then, later on, when the media are pestering her, he says something along the lines of ‘leave my girlfriend alone!’

Well, a rather absurd beginning, but what else can be expected from a series with a 50 meter tall girl?

Of course, there is some romantic tension to try to spice up the fights and such, sadly, it fails to build much depth in the characters. But, those extra scenes somewhat play up the differences and characters into a rather amusing light, such as the amusement park date that all mangas seem required by law to have if there is any romance in it. So they go to the generic amusement park that every other manga or anime couple go to, and ride the generic ferris wheel. Or, at least, he rides it while she stands alongside.

Genre, it is somewhat of a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. I wasn’t expecting any hardness of sci-fi, and most assuredly not the hardness being brought in and violating the rules that the series works by.

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Sentai Filmworks January 2012 Releases

Sentai Filmworks releases for January are now available for pre-order on RightStuf. This month sees the release of Akikan which, judging by the reaction when they licensed it, is a terrible terrible show. They also have a good amount of stuff coming out with dubs, so that’s nice.

January 3

And Yet the Town Moves Complete Collection DVD (Sub only)

January 10

Akikan! Complete Collection DVD (Sub only)

January 17

Princess Resurrection Complete Collection DVD

January 24

The World God Only Knows Complete Collection DVD
The World God Only Knows Complete Collection BD

January 31

ef ~ A Tale of Memories Complete Collection DVD
ef ~ A Tale of Memories Complete Collection BD

(My) Awards For The Year

(For lack of a better title idea.)

I decided to give away some awards in the form of recognition to several different series. I’m doing this now due to the massive list of stuff I have yet to write official reviews for, and If I started on any of them before I did this, this would get delayed over and over again.

Most of these awards are amusing, some are serious. Additionally, most are either slightly insulting or ridiculing, while some are complimentary.

So, I am doing so now so I won’t forget to do so later. Onto the awards!

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