The Team

Anthony Moores (Antz)

Blog Owner/ Sometimes he reviews anime!

I was first exposed to anime back in the days of Dragon Ball Z. Through the years I kept watching whatever showed up on TV in Canada, which wasn’t very much, and only recently got into collecting DVDs. And by recently I means 2008ish, which isn’t even really that recent. I’m supposed to review anime but don’t really do it all that often, because to review anime you have to watch anime, and that’s way too much work. One time I wrote three reviews in a single week. Still not sure how I managed that.

I enjoy Spice and Wolf, and School Rumble, and Berserk, and other anime that will never actually be finished as anime. If you have a favourite anime don’t tell me lest I enjoy it too and curse it to never be finished.

Twitter: Antz_M

Anime-Planet: AntztheGreat

PSN: AntztheGreat

Cole Paquette (nyanman)

Manga/Visual Novel Reviewer

I won’t lie-I haven’t been the most avid consumer of manga, anime, and VNs. I was first introduced to manga through a gift from my uncle of one of the Doraemon comics. It was also my first introduction to reading right to left. I was so young at the time, and read that comic so many times, that right to left never became something I really thought about. The very first animation I watched was My Neighbor Totoro, a movie that I absolutely loved. It’s almost poetic that so many years later I would finally get around to watching the movie that was usually bundled with it-Grave of The Fireflies. Some other early manga that I own from when I was little includes Et Cetera, Crest Of The Stars, and Cowboy Bebop Shooting Stars #2.

I tend to prefer a series to have a strong story and characters that develop and change, and overall wraps up everything into one nice package. I also like manga for the reason I got into it heavily in the last couple years, and why I loved it initially-it had fun. It was always willing to do something new and different, and I have seen that starting to disappear from many mainstream series, so I decided to review, make my voice heard, and hopefully join he ranks of those who care enough to try to prevent the ‘downside of the industry.’
I also like series that do something different with a given genre-they have the audacity to try something new and break out from the mold.

I really like classic/older series that people tend to not have heard of-sometimes, they are hidden gems that should be recognized, sometimes they aren’t. It’s fun to look at a series that every other review place has no idea it exists.


Twitter: nm_review


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