MechWarrior Online review

mechwarrior-onlineHere we go, MechWarrior Online. We’ve covered Hawken, Armored Core V, and nothing else really in terms of mech games.

This review is the big one, the one that gets saved for last. One of the most well known and beloved mech games that exist. The mech game that people eagerly forked over $100+ USD in order to have early access to. The game that people have been waiting years for. The game where people build simulation cockpits on a whole new level. This is MechWarrior.

So, the real question is, how is it?

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Hawken Review

Hawken-Screenshot-17Remember this game? I mentioned it back in my Armored Core V review, I think. It has finally been released in open beta, and I have been taking time to play it, and I can now bring you my review of Hawken.


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