I’m not dead yet! Also, news!

No I did not die, just spent a lot of time in various other things and educating myself on some topics and forgetting to post.

So luckily, today I have some good news! JAST has announced that Yumina The Ethereal is now in production and with an official release date of August 30 will be shipping out soon. Not only that, but a demo of the game is available at this time for download, meaning if you aren’t sure on if the game is or isn’t worth getting, you can try out the demo and see if you want to spend your money on it already.
You can order the game from J-List at this link.

And for the moment, that’s all the news I have, other than I will have no review of Comic-Con since I did not attend.


Review: Eiken


Yes, THAT Eiken is coming under the review light. Really, given the reputation Eiken has, the only question that really needs to be asked is ‘Just how bad is it?’





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Review: Eternally Us

Eternally UsEternally Us is a fairly simplistic looking retro-styled point and click adventure game. You start out feeding pigeons in the park with a friend… and then it gets deep.

Normally, I wouldn’t do this, but go download and play the game. Not only is it free, but it takes not quite 20 minutes at most in my experience. Besides, to have any sort of review would either entail spoilers, or having everyone on the same page as me.

Got it done?

Well, I have no real need to describe the plot, it is short and simple and explained all at the end. The five stages of grief, turned into a game. You saw the end coming at the start, even with the name, and it still was a bit sad. Honestly, that’s impressive if you can make an ending we expected a bit sad.

The art is more retro-style than anything, but I can’t be sure if it was an aesthetic choice or done to save time on development. I’m not a fan of pixel art as a style choice (we’ve moved on way past that point now) but I can fully understand it as far as limitations in design goes. And in any case, it works in this game. It doesn’t distract from the story like a style choice usually does, and because of the normally rather interesting things happening, you don’t really notice the graphical quality, since you’re wrapped up in the story.

The voice acting is good, and the game does a pretty good job of turning grief at a loss into an interactive experience. It wasn’t fun by any means, but for about 20 minutes of your time spent to play it, it was pretty good.

Stars: 4/5 good

Pros: well done, quick game that deals with some powerful emotions quite well

Cons: ‘could do more’ is about the only little nitpick along with ‘something seems missing that would give it five stars’

Summary: I wholeheartedly recommend the game. After all, it’s an interesting experience and worth the 20 minutes it takes. Next time you are on the computer and not sure what to do, play it.

JAST USA has new prices, new game announced

From the JAST website:

$10 Off

Do You Like Horny Bunnies $14.95
Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2 $14.95
Slave Pageant $14.95
Pick Me Honey! $14.95
The Sagara Family $24.95
Cat Girl Alliance $24.95

$5 Off

Deus Machina Demonbane $34.95
Yume Miru Kusuri $29.95
Princess Waltz $29.95
Lightning Warrior Raidy II $29.95
Moero Downhill Night $19.95
Moero Downhill Night 2 $19.95
Brave Soul $24.95
Enzai – Falsely Accused $14.95
Absolute Obedience $14.95
Cosplay Fetish Academy $29.95
Family Project $24.95
Amorous Professor Cherry $24.95
Snow Sakura $24.95
Bazooka Cafe $24.95
Figures of Happiness $14.95
Hitomi – My Stepsister $24.95
Let’s Meow Meow! $19.95
Idols Galore! $14.95
Come See Me Tonight 2 $14.95
Secret Wive’s Club $24.95
I’m Gonna Nurse You $14.95
I’m Gonna Nurse You 2 $14.95
Tsuki – Possession $19.95
Sensei 2 $14.95
Chain – The Lost Footprints $14.95
Kana – Little Sister $14.95

$2 Off

Tokimeki Check-in!! $12.95
Little My Maid $12.95
Water Closet $12.95
Critical Point $12.95
Doushin – Same Heart $12.95

Also, I am happy to get to announce a new game from MoeNovel, an all ages Visual Novel called If My Heart Had Wings. Even better news is that both JAST and J-List will be carrying the game. I haven’t heard any further details on the game, but you will all know the news once I do.

Short News Update

Here is where I admit I will likely not finish Monster Girl Quest Chapter 2, much less start on 3. The story is funky and different and interesting, but the gameplay is so padded that playing it classifies as some sort of torture.

But, for the good news: Analogue: A Hate Story is getting a sequel called Hate Plus. I will be honest, with just how good Analogue was, the news of this has me basically prepared to run around waving my hands in the air and shouting gibberish at the thought.

It continues on from your Analogue ending, has revamped gameplay, more writing, more story revealed, new art, new costumes, and a new soundtrack. The best news it is is scheduled for summer of 2013. More on it is at Christine Love’s blog.

Really, the only reaction I have is just to shout at anyone selling this to take my money, Analogue was just that good, and if Hate Plus only manages to be as good as Analogue was, then you are still seeing the most probable victor for Game of The Year 2013.

In fact, I’ll predict this: I will be quite surprised if Hate Plus does not meet or exceed Analogue, and quite surprised if something else turns out better in a way that earns the other game Game of The Year 2013.

Other game designers, you now know who to try and beat.