What I got this week

Having never done one of these and having recently received my order of miscellaneous things from J-List (sadly, none of which were games).

So, onto the pictures of the package from Japan and J-List!

2014-05-26 15.07.04While not anime, manga, or games, this replacement for a stapler will save money on staples and is in general a nice thing. It’s decently heavy and feels very solidly built, and will be a nice desk addition to go with the perpetual calender J-List offers.



2014-05-26 15.07.13Monster Musume, do I honestly need to say more?

After all, I rewarded it for being as fun as it is, so I may as well make sure I have the full set for my shelf.





2014-05-26 15.07.19The accessory set for the Moekana I have, the Moekanji cards will help learn the written language!

Plus, the eyes glasses that they always seem to send.





I wish I had  a more exciting order, but as someone used to more reviews and in depth first impressions What I bought articles form me may not be too exciting.


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