Review: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

1337617062533Monster Musume no iru Nichijou, which is also known by the following names: モンスター娘のいる日常,
Daily Life with a Monster Girl, and
Everyday Monster Girls.

For those who did not realize it yet, this is a comedy-romance hybrid and a harem series. Yup, another romantic comedy harem manga. What an original concept that has in no way been overused in any definition of the word and in no way is seen in what feels like every manga and anime to some extent.

But that’s exactly what they were expecting you to think.

As far as plot goes, the male lead (to be referred to as the protagonist, the main character, the male lead, and perhaps that guy as his name never seems mentioned.) ends up being the host to a lamia girl, as all these human animal hybrid species had suddenly announced that they exist, and want to integrate in human society, so they will be having some people volunteer to host some of the monster girls. naturally, a harem manga wouldn’t be complete without the unwilling protagonist, so he didn’t actually volunteer, but instead had a homestay coordinator drop off the lamia at his house and told him he was now her host. Accidents like that seem to happen a lot in the harem genre. The protagonist is unwillingly thrown into the mess, but then becomes accustomed to it, and begins to find it normal and prefers it.

Sadly, that really does sum up the series. Like any other harem manga, more and more girls get added, and comedic or romantic situations arise. All the girls have some strange fondness for him, and go to the extent of fantasizing about having a family with him.

I will admit that I actually like the humor this series has. Where To-Love Ru is known for having Rito constantly fall and end up with his face in the crotch or breasts of some random woman, this series flips that around by having the main character be the unfortunate recipient of lots of accidental abuse. As in, he is constantly getting smashed with doors. The twist from a sexual accident to a painful accident, while still not exceptionally funny, is an improvement over nothing but sexual humor.

My favorite part is it pokes fun at itself and other tropes seen in manga and anime. The centaur meets the main character by running into him, and she even thinks she should have run into him while eating bread. The main characters reaction to that is essentially poking a bit of fun at the whole concept as it is used, not just making fun of her belief.

The humor seems to be some genre awareness and what seems at points to edge close to lampshade hanging. To use a Briticism, this series somewhat takes the piss out of the harem genre, and i will admit i really like that.

The sexual humor is a bit over the top, but amusingly over the top, not to the point where it just gets boring. The characters each have some defining trait that is taken to the extreme, and some sort of crazy reason for it is used. Again, this series is taking the piss out of harem series as a whole. In any other series, the protagonist would be surrounded by a bunch of excessively beautiful (and overtly endowed) women who stay around him for no apparent reason. In this series, each female character is again excessively attractive and overtly endowed in some way, each of those things is explained. Even when something is not directly explained, clues towards something is offered in the story. The lamia likes him because lamias are passionate, he is her homestay host, she was their first and wants to lay claim so the other girls won’t, and because he is quite nice to her, while other people aren’t as. The harpy stays with him because she find him to be a good person, and he is the only one willing to put up with her. the centaur stays because of the magic charm of running around a corner, plus other reasons, such as his willingness to protect others.

Reasons that have all been used i other series, but I would hazard a guess that the fact that they are monster girls and he is fine with that might be the main and unspoken reason why they stay and their admiration for him stems from that.

Score: 5/5

Pros: The story basis is an interesting departure from every other harem story. The unexplained aspects and annoyances in other harem series are either explained, dealt with, or simply not there. It has a nice sense of humor, and pokes fun at not just itself, but harem series as a whole.

Cons: sexual humor is primarily for people who really like monster girls, but doesn’t detract from the humor or the story.

Ending thought: A worthwhile read, and will likely have some moments that will make you laugh out loud, or at least elicit a hearty chuckle.


25 thoughts on “Review: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

  1. later i hope we see something like a vampire, mummy, ghost, or other popular types of monsters. the vampire could be named belles. the ghost girl could be named Ruth Tintoretto and the mummy girl Marcella or Asama.

  2. Pinkie was an escaped espionage android from a secret government lab. she was transported into another truck filled with other useless robotic mannequins to another facility and then a car crash occurred and she escaped she later lost most of her memories due to the accident and started walking down a street completely naked. she later finds some sheets to wear as clothing and met up with Kurusu and the other monster girls that were part of the cultural exchange program for extra species. later the coordinator of the program smith said it would be okay if Kurusu acted as her host.

  3. Pinkie is shown to be very good with working on computers and can solve difficult math problems. she is also very good at writing down contracts involving business and knows multiple languages. she is also later reprogrammed herself into a sex slave robot to Kurusu.

  4. Pinkie is usually naked or wearing a white sheet or towel with she ties on her back and front. but later she wears 3 adhesive bandages to use as underwear,her sleep clothes, and as a swimsuit underneath her towel robe. she later also finds some other towels, sheets, drapes, curtains, or anything that she can scavenge for as food,important valuables at least in her mind anything that is thrown away in the trash or not used by normal people and monsters.

  5. pinkie is also shown to clumsy and a bit of a clueless person when it comes to some social skills.

  6. another strange girl to be introduced is a daughter of Cabot Adolfo a mad scientist related to Dr. Victor Frankenstein. this strange girl is named Shinny she is a living shadow usually she is naked and she is also shown to be quite big breasted and she is attached to another female named Balboas who is actually a genetically altered mutant between an ant, a fly, and a normal female human teenager.

  7. we also meet a witch girl named Normandy Basseterre who is quite shy and mute most of the time she has big breasts and wears glasses she has a multiple personality disorder which one of them is called the midnight blue vampire who uses a mechanical sword and suck the energy from other monster girls, another personality named Tainted Face is very strong and can summon an army of clone units to help her she also acts like a cat and starts licking Kurusu’s face. another personality called the variable wand grows horns on the sides of her head is very ditsy and naive. this personality is also a shape sifter that can change into various objects. another personality Koizumi Willa is seen nothing but an apron and a maid outfit. another personality named siren the west of the four gods who wears a shrine maiden outfit with a revealing leather outfit underneath that has chains.

  8. another personality named Gabriel wears goth clothes and changes form and personality like a little young girl. we also meet Gina Svengali a hybrid between a god and a demon she is a figure collector and a smuggler of goods. she like anime related goods and she owns a shop that sells anime goods to the public. she wears a black and dark purple cloak and nothing else. she was raised by a normal human named Cal Cicero of the Swiftness ninja clan. he was a European man who travels around the world until he met up with a ninja clan after he went on a hike to Mt. Fuji and he got lost and found an ancient hidden village full of warriors who he trained with to learn how to defend himself against threats and lived a simple life of peace and mediation to become a master swordsman. Gina Svengali was orphaned when she was just four years old by human years. she was homeless and lived in a cardboard box. the young Gina Svengali was also naked for most of her life until age nine where she found a magical cloak that would give her unique abilities like summoning lighting bolts and heal people by kissing them. she can also heal herself from any physical pain. she can also change into various animals. she also likes being punished by being chained and hanging up side down.

  9. we also meet principal Santa who just like it says Santa Claus here is the one who delivers gifts to good children during Christmas and works at the north pole with elves to make toys and other goodies for well behaved children around the world. he is also the assistant principal of a school for extra species students who want to learn how to fight into normal human society.

  10. we also see a female grim reaper who is a daughter to death himself. she is 44001 years old yet she looks very beautiful she is shown to wear a gray cloak and carries a scythe that can transform into a small dagger which she keeps in a red backpack. she mainly wears a blue jacket and yellow pants underneath her cloak. she also wears a revealing green outfit when she is at home it is a pair of suspenders attached to short shorts and some tape to cover her breasts in the form of a black x.

  11. the female grim reaper is named Kirinyaga Dastards. the current grim reaper is her father his name is Grimm Mercers. he is shown to be a menacing and sinister hooded skeleton with a scythe. he is shown to have married a sexy female devil named Queses who wears a revealing black leotard and she has ghostly pale skin. she is revealed to be half demon due an sinister devil like being raped her human mother Melodic.

  12. here it is revealed Melodic was adopted by a male bear when she was two years old and lived with many other animals. the male bear took care of her very well and he could speak many languages due he was in a circus a long time ago and acted sort of like a human expect he would wear no clothes due his long fur. then when Melodic was nine years her foster father bear died and she decided to live with a mysterious old man named uncle Rutgers and his grandfather named Painter palatinate plus a beautiful and sexy young woman named Brenda who wears a Japanese school sailor uniform like top and a white thong. she is mute and does not speak.

  13. we also meet Balder Coffins an evil African American who is also a terrorist planning to kidnap monsters and sell them as slaves illegally. he often says tripodal coif bucketful which is the name of his henchman who is actually a living multiple colored coif with 3 legs and lives inside of a bucket. another henchman is action hot dog who can fly. we also see a cat girl named Sportscaster asphalts southwester straightener crosstown or sassy as some people call her she is usually very drunk but she is very beautiful when she does not drink and she was raised as a redneck american stereotype. she is usually depicted being naked expect for an apron. her apron is actually a shape changing alien parasite that needs her body as a host it can change into an kind of clothing at will after it drains life energy from its host. its name is Roddenberry twisty.

  14. later we see that here Barrack Obama is now dealing with many extra species immigrants to America and arranges peace treaties with many extra species or what were considered monsters years ago. plus pope Francis is said to be friends with god and Jesus. Jesus is a Jewish carpenter and preacher plus god’s son. he calls god daddy or papa. god in this version is shown to be very handsome, strong, tall, and he is a great scientist who started the big bang by a one half on purpose and the other half by mistake when his lab’s particle accelerator explodes due after he spilled red fruit punch on his computer. he later also has allergies sneezing out tons of bacteria into the newly formed oceans which were created on purpose sort of so he could have a place to relax. the bacteria later changed into animals and other living things. but humans were later created by on changing an ape’s genetic data with a DNA altering ray he tested out. they later transformed into the first modern humans beings and designed a garden like place called Eden where he would care and love his creations but told them that an demon who used to be his lab assistant but got fired due that he tried to take over his facility called paradise liftoff project or heaven. god is named Elohim Yahweh Aficionado Donovan. here god is said to have nearly thousands of other sons, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and he is actually also has a few boyfriends and a couple of homosexual lovers. god was born with both male and female genitals.

  15. Elohim Donovan’s best friend is Norman Douglas an angel and current head lab assistant of Elohim. his best friend is Mike or Micheal an angel and head security guard of Elohim industries. saint peter is mentioned to be worker at Elohim Deity Industries founded by Elohim. Elohim’s parent is null void Donovan Deity this being is portrayed as living chaos before Elohim created the universe by starting the big bang by accident but created life on purpose sort of and he is sometimes nice and kind but other times Elohim can get angry, jealous, and plan elaborate schemes to allow suffering on the world he created. the demon lab assistant is named Lucy Interpreter Accuser . she is depicted with having horns, a tail, claws, hooves, dark black wings, and big breasts she is also very beautiful. she does have fangs but she does gets sick, injured, feels pain, and can die but she is very strong and can tempt people into doing wrong things or play tricks which ends up with people dying or creating nightmares to infest dreams.

  16. Lucy is shown to have red skin, blue blood, yellow eyes, and short gray hair. she wears a orange prison jumpsuit, a revealing purple or violet tank top underneath, green short shorts, and indigo colored sandals. her assistant and head secretary of Inferno Incorporated is parenthood saturnine who has seven sisters one is gluttony, sloth, lust, pride, rage, envy, and greed. Saturnine is shown to be good friends with death who is a living skeleton with a daughter. we also meet seven other sisters some angels working for Elohim Paradise Industries named faith, hope, charity, justice, temperance, prudence, and fortitude.

  17. we also meet a feral wild girl who is raised by a family of animals like an aardvark, alpaca, anteater, armadillo, baboon, badger, bat, bear, beaver, boa constrictor, bobcat, american bison or buffalo, cape buffalo from south and east Africa, a bush baby, a camel, a cheetah, a chimpanzee, a chipmunk, a crocodile, deer, dingo, dolphin, duckbill platypus, elephant, fox, gazelle, giraffe, gnu, goldfish, gorilla, hamster, hippopotamus, horned toad, impala, a hopping desert rat from Africa,Arabia, and southwest Asia, a kangaroo, koala, a dragon lizard from southeast Asia, leopard, lion, mole, mouse, musk ox, octopus,orangutan, ostrich, otter, owl, panda, pelican, penguin, piranha, porcupine, praying mantis, rabbit, raccoon, rat, rattlesnake, reindeer, rhesus monkey, rhinoceros, scorpion, sea cucumber, seal, shark, skunk, sloth from a jungle in south america, snapping turtle, spider, spider monkey, spitting cobra, squirrel, swordfish, tapir, a simple dry nosed primate from the east indies, Tasmanian devil, tiger, tortoise, vampire bat, wallaby, walrus, wart hog, weasel, whale, wolf, wolverine, wombat, yak, and zebra who acted as her adopted family as they lived in a big empty old mansion that is located close to a zoo and an aquarium plus a big park or forest. her name is whit scuttle. she was adopted at age one when her entire family was murdered by an evil cult leader who believed that all monsters should rise up and drive humanity to at the moment she was born. she is now 16 years old by this timeline.

  18. whittle is commonly shown to be naked and behave a lot like her adopted animal siblings. later one day she discovered a old huge mansion and she decided to plan an actual family with her animal siblings and she decided to go to school for the first time ever and be a normal human girl. she also decided to get a part time job. much later at age 36 she got lots of money due to her multiple jobs around and she is still naked but her friends, co workers, and other people have gotten used to see her naked. she later installs air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, and some new furniture and some things she needs. but she later does find an old jewelry box she finds seven pieces of jewels like silver, gold, pearl, white gold, silver, ruby, and garnet. the jewels are actually ancient cursed gems which would later fuse with her naked body and she became a living crystal. she would have to search for a gem made of divine light which would end her curse. she later went on a long journey. later at age 49 she found the gem of divine light which had an bit of another side effect the gems inside her body together with the gem of divine light gave her super powers and a set of clothing well actually just wires, string, two postage stamps, dental floss, 3 adhesive bandages two small ones, and one big one, an eye patch on her right eye, a hanger with a price tag, straps, a necklace, some jewels, plastic and paper bags, newspaper, cotton from a medicine bottle, bubble wrap, a storm trooper like helmet, a few strips of cloth, a snap bracelet, and some tape. she also wears three quarters ass pants which are cut so low that only the very bottom of her buttocks is covered. her swimsuit is just Bermuda shorts, a g string, a vest, and a thong leotard made from metal scales. she later has an equally scantily clad daughter after she got impregnated sometime after her long journey. her daughter Cartesian is dressed in a skintight bodysuit, a corset with open breast holes, a thong, pasties, high heeled boots, belts, scale chain mail, a black hooded cape, and a white mask.

  19. her best friend since high school is a monster girl looking like part tiger, leopard, ermine, wolf, squirrel, panther, bunny, weasel, duck, cat, dog, bear, dragon, reindeer, and a human female girl. she mainly wears a white one piece swimsuit and she has big breasts. she always wears a school uniform. she wears a pair of low rider jeans and a jacket when outside. she has tooth like trim design to her clothes and a tiger head shaped amulet. her underwear is made from old nets and seashells. her swimsuit outside of school is a halter top like bikini top, a mini skirted bottom, and a open jacket. her swimsuit’s color outside of school is pink.

  20. her best friend is named Ellis. Cartesian’s best friend is half elf and half human and she wears a few leaves, two starfish pasties, and a living sea anemone attached to her bottom and nothing else. she also wears fishnet stockings. she is stated to be homeless and lives with another girl who is part crab, octopus, starfish, conch, scallop, clam, and a human girl. Cartesian’s best friend is named Desiree. the other girl is named Ethel. Ethel is seen wearing nothing but a old sail tied with a brown rope. Ethel is shown to have a flat chest and is shorter than Desiree. Ethel later does go through puberty and gains big breasts and had to find new clothes this time a dress made from newspaper. Desiree shares a large cardboard box and an old camping tent with Ethel. they both live close to the beach.

  21. we also see a normal human girl with a sad past her name is Donna Figaro Tessie . she is an orphaned 16 year old girl her parents died when she was nine years old. she lives by herself in an small house near the school where the normal humans go to. Donna’s family left her with a huge debt and a small teddy bear. she was the most unpopular girl in her class. she lost her favorite possession her small teddy bear and one of the girls in her class picked up her teddy bear and she bullied her. she has no friends and family.she is also bullied a lot by other students at her school. she is always alone but her mother gave her the teddy bear and she hid a key to her house where she had a secret room inside her house. the bullies tell her to remove her panties she wore underneath her school uniform. the bullies later forced her to become a slave to the entire class. she was forced to crawl on all fours like a bitch dog. then kiss the foot of the bully girl and call her master. she was later told to never wear any kind of underwear again. she throws away all her bras and panties. the main bully girl said her cunt would be visible at all times. she is forced to wear no clothes the skirt of her uniform was cut right at the crotch, her sleeves were also cut off, and cut the back of her skirt so she can use the bathroom without moving her skirt. her uniform was cut until it was barely there. she was forced into using the boy’s toilet and find a corner outside to use the bathroom, and leave the door wide open when she does, and to have sex with all the boys in her class. the boys would have sex between classes with her as much as they wanted. she could not wear any clothes expect her uniform so she was given body paint to wear when necessary. she was later forced into eating dog shit. she later showed up wearing a collar, a chain, some 3 piercings connected to some string. she later wanted to shove a piece of cardboard in her privates. the bully girl tore up her small teddy bear and they found a key after school she led her class to her home. she revealed her mother was broken by her father in this room where she led the class. she wanted to be broken just like her mother and her father broke before he could break her. she later said her dream is to be broken and she swallows the key to her house right in front of everyone.

  22. later she decided to became a good class slave for her entire life. she later meets up with Kurusu, Mia, Papa, Sera, Sue, Rachel, Miro, and the other monster girls and decides for Kurusu to be her new master and she moves in as a non monster girl but a bit crazy and likes being punished or tortured by others.

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