Mini-news: Mirai Nendoroid Released

Well, given that I am in the process of moving due to my house having been mostly smashed, the Crunchyroll Summer 2012 lineup will have to wait, hopefully until no later than this Thursday. My apologies for not having any scheduled reviews posted sooner, but I have been immensely busy.

So to cheer you up, how about a figure? Specifically, a Mirai figure, for those who are fans of and Culture Japan, which should be every anime fan.

Right, so this amusing little figure is up for sale from places like Ami Amii where it is the number one selling figure, and Amazon Japan, where it is the second best selling figure.

You can get it from Ami Ami here. I can’t get the amazon page to link properly, or even render properly on my computer.

Close to 3000 JPY at Ami Ami, and you get an Ami Ami Moekana card as well, which is fun, assuming you have the Moekana. Not only that, but they also have a points reward program, where you get some points back for purchasing it that you can spend on other stuff.

It can also be had from J-List, Hobby Search, and Otacute.

The post at the Culture Japan website is here.

Not that I am a figure reviewer, but I suggest this may be a fun one to add to your collection, or to buy if you are a fan of Danny Choo and Culture Japan.

While I’m at it, have an amusing banner for it and the Moekana.



Not much of a big banner, but still pretty cute, which is what I assume figure collectors look for.


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