Review: Let’s Meow Meow!

If there was any game where the cover was a near-perfect example of what the game contained, then this would be very high on the list of games that do that. Catgirls, shrine maiden catgirl, and a dog girl in various states of undress, but with anything explicit hidden so it will be a bit more exciting to the person who wants to buy this.

That is right, it is time for another H game review!

The story, if you could call it that, follows a guy with no eyes named Ibuki, who lives on his own in an apartment complex owned by a family with a daughter who also happens to be his childhood friend. He feeds stray cats, so the cat god decides to grant him a wish, so he wishes for a cat girl. So he gets a catgirl maid, who does maid tasks as well as other ‘services.’ Then a doggirl policewoman, a robot catgirl maid, a bunnygirl thief, and later, a shrine maiden catgirl all show up. There are attempts at some comedic antics, such as the dog girl (Shinju) chasing around the bunnygirl (Hanabi) as Shunju is apparently been trying to arrest Hanabi for quite some time. However, they frequently get along, but at times, they charge around places wrecking everything. Imagine of Tom & Jerry were a dog and cat as well as female.

After all the characters are introduced apart from the shrine maiden, you have to choose a favorite. Then you get a scene with them. Then you choose a different favorite. Then you choose from the two as to who you want to see the ending for. Then you rinse and repeat for whatever other characters you want to see.

Each character has the same scenes for when they get chosen. If you choose the childhood friend Nanami first, you will have one scene. If you then choose Hanabi, you will get her scene. If instead you choose Hanabi, you will get the same scene, and if you next choose, say, Shinju, you will then get her scene. All the scenes are the same, and then choosing the character for a second time progresses to the ending, with various other scenes.

They do manage to do a pretty good job at making the female characters well rounded, but getting all of the information from a character requires playing through every path, as most subtleties will be found in other paths, and the obvious details will only be given in that characters path.

Let’s Meow Meow also seems to try to cater to every fetish it can. The cat girl is a maid who does maid things, like cooking and cleaning. Then there is the policewoman dog girl. Then you get the robot cat girl maid. Then you get the bunny girl thief. Then you get the childhood friend. Then the shrine maiden comes along. Some of the female characters are ridiculously well-endowed, to the point where the shrine maiden could smother someone, which would make for the funniest death certificate: smothered by breasts, probably died happy.

Along with those descriptions, each character behaves in a very stereotypical way, in the exact way you would expect the generic character to act. Nanami sits in the background and does the whole ‘he doesn’t notice me as a love interest’ spiel. Hanabi is a dominant type who does things with stickings and wears lots of overly tight clothing, and is obsessed with having fun or doing outrageous things for excitement. Shinju is fairly calm and almost emotionless at times, but ends up being insanely subservient and end submissive, even getting walked around on a leash while in public, and naked. The robot cat girl seems to be the fairly standard always excited girl who also talks really fast. And the shrine maiden has giant breasts and no other real defining traits.

Characters are pretty simplistic and lacking in depth. Humorously enough, the good ending with Mikan shows you two living a happy life and having a kid. Having a child and a happy relationship seems to be a strange ending for an H game, but it greatly amused me to see such an ending. Naturally, the other endings are what you would expect from an H game.

I had to check a walk-through to see if there was bad endings, as getting endings with each of the girls is just insanely easy.

One big selling point is that the game has a harem ending. However, to get that ending, you need to complete the story for every girl, then you need to start a new game and go through that. However, when it the prompts you to make a choice, choose ‘I can’t decide, I just like them all’ and you get the harem path. In theory, that is. I completed every ending for this review, hoping some complexities in the story and character would appear in any of the endings, as well as being curious how the harem path would work. Naturally, after getting every good and every bad ending and starting a new game, the harem path failed to appear as an option.

With details about the character appearing once you have chosen them as your final choice, you can end up with a character you thought you liked who turns out to be completely the opposite of how they were previously characterized. The biggest example is Shinju, who is pretty strong willed and doesn’t really seem to take any from anyone. Yet, choosing her for the final path rewards you with a completely subservient girl who can’t handle being away from you, and need you to lead her around and give her commands, like telling her to join you for a meal instead of being so subservient she eats elsewhere. I’m sorry, but she was more interesting when she was a more rough and tumble character who had a mission to do and wasn’t going to let setbacks stop her. To use a male term following her story results in a character that can best be described as neutered and a shadow of her former self.

Score: 1/5 bad

Pros: characters are better developed than a lot of H games

Cons: tries to cater to as many fetishes as possible. Some characters are characterized as being one way to the point where you would know how they behave, but then following their path undoes everything previously done with the characters. The game throws together a bunch of basic ideas to try to make lots of money.

Bottom line: If you like anything that appears in this game, just buy a game that caters to that specifically. If you like cat girls, find a game just about cat girls, not one that uses a cat girl to try to attract people who like that to their game.

If you are over 18, you can buy it here. Some images may not be acceptable to those under 18, yadda yadda yadda, but we all know that if anyone under 18 knows of the title, saying it isn’t appropriate won’t stop them, but this is a disclaimer nonetheless.

As a side note, twice weekly reviews will be continuing until I have my now shorter games list done as well as the summer 2012 Crunchyroll lineup completed. SO stay tuned!


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