Review: 3D Custom Girl (Demo)

That’s right, this review for today is 3D Custom Girl (Demo), also known as the game that lets you have some adult fun with your computer and a virtual girl. An alternate title would be ‘I never expected to review this, since there is no way anyone could have gotten a review copy, since companies tend to expect review copies to be returned.’

But anyways, onto the review once you click the more button, which you know you want to do.

Story: Non-existant. That was easy.

Plot: Create a custom girl of your preferred fetish and have some ‘fun’ with her, or just create any girl and have ‘fun.’ In other words, there really is no plot, and not in the way that most H games have no plot. This game even lacks any context for why you want to screw the girl, apart from the reason the game was made, how it was advertised, and how it was sold. In essence, there is sort of a ‘meta-plot’ that gives you your justification and excuses.

Either way, the basics are that the game out of the box lets you create a completely custom virtual girl, and then have some fun with her. With the ‘extra’ USB attachment, you can be ‘in sync’ with what the character on screen is doing.

To start with, you can create pretty much anything you can think of. If the game doesn’t do it, one of the many user made mods will. Not only that, but the game developers even seem to encourage and support the modding community, instead of making it harder for them to do what they want. I find that to be fairly admirable, since one H game can’t cater to every fetish and turn-on, so by allowing other people to create what they left out, you get more sales as people can fulfill their desire through the game and mod, and will then buy the game.

Not only that, but if you like, say, nekomimi, you can simply create one instead of having to go buy Let’s Meow Meow. If you like a specific tsundere girl from some doujin, you can create her as well. No need to buy a whole bunch of H games here, you can create whatever you desire, although personality will be missing, since the girl has essentially no speaking lines.

Maybe you like some of the characters form Evangelion, or perhaps Touhou.

Well, the Evangelion picture did not work, so you merely get an example of what can be done with the game. Did I mention the mods were free, and I’m not sure if that even used any mods to create the character?

As far as piracy prevention goes, you can see most of the game, albeit with a severely ,limited selection of choices with the demo, and to get the full function of the game, you need to buy it, since one of the big attractors is that USB ‘extra.’

If you don’t want to have some adult fun, the full game still gives you a massive choice of options to adjust the appearance of the character, as well as a simply staggering number of choices for clothes and accessories (such as ears, wings, and other such things.) This means that without using the ‘extra’ bit, you can still create a custom virtual girl, and some other people seem to enjoy just being able to create a custom character like no other game has ever allowed. In fact, while most MMO games allow you to create a custom character, you are incredibly lucky if the options include height and race in addition to face. 3D Custom Girl allows you to create a truly unique virtual girl, and to such an extent that you wonder why some MMO with a huge budget doesn’t try the same thing and allow you to customize essentially everything (within the game rating, or course.)

Unlike other H games, the player character isn’t just some guy with no eyes. In fact, the player character, when he appears, is merely a hazy blue shape, with a somewhat discernible outline. If you go to have some ‘fun’ the outline and shaded space is enough to clue you into what exactly you are doing, assuming how the girl is sitting or standing and what the image on the button was weren’t enough to clue you in. As the character also moves with the USB input (in the videos that demonstrate that) it also serves to give some additional feedback as to what you, the player, are doing. Compared to an eyeless abomination, this serves as a much better way to let the player feel like they are the main character.

Unlike Custom AI-Droid, you don’t need to work through a freeplay and manage a bunch of RPG stats to be able to unlock stuff, the game is a fully open world right from the start. It also eliminates those bars that you need to fill and the action button that you repeatedly click, as well as the finish button. All that is integrated into the USB extra, with no further description really being needed as to how it all works.

For other non-adult fun you can do things like pat her head, which elicits a smile. You can also flick her forehead. The full version may have some extras, and this version as well, but I didn’t find them, or really try to.

To summarize, given the intent and purpose of this game, I have to give the developers some major credit due to the fact that, until now, I have never seen a game that was designed in such a way that it meshed with its purpose and intent so perfectly. In essence, for what an H game is supposed to do, no other game I have seen has done so as well as this one. Yes, it is a lot of money, but if you like H games, then I think the extra fee is worth it, considering how much this does in comparison to any other H game.

Score: 5/5 very good

Pros: probably the epitome of game design working perfectly for the intent. The game does what it sets out to do perfectly, and gives the option to do more, if you like to mod.

Cons: lack of any story, plot, dialogue, or other such things.

I would go and explain my reasons for the score given the pros and cons, so I will explain a small bit of my reasoning. It sets out to break totally new ground in H games, and not only does so, it does so very well, and fulfills the description of what an H game is perfectly. In other words, an H game that is very good at being an H game will be scored with other H games in mind, not against anime or manga. Horses for courses.

J-List has restocked it, see the following link for the product itself.

It is back in stock at J-List at this link.


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