Summer 2012 Anime First (Un)Impressions: La storia della Arcana Famiglia

Plot Synopsis: “The Arcana Famigila protects Regalo Island with powers granted to them the Tarocco. At birthday party for the head of the family, “Papa” Mondo, he tells them he is thinking about retirement and the Arcana Duello will begin.”

Thoughts: If there’s one thing that bugs me in any kind of media it’s terrible storytelling. The line in the screencap is a pretty good example of something that gets under my skin. The character just comes right out and explains where everyone’s powers come from and how they work, when they really should already know that. It’s exposition dry-jammed into a scene in the least natural way possible. The episode then parades out the entire cast one by one to demonstrate their power and cuts away to explain real slow like exactly what they can do, in case you didn’t grasp that the guy who was invisible has the power to turn invisible. While this is going on it also sets up some plot that I can’t remember/didn’t really pay attention to that involved some kind of tournament with the main heroine essentially being offered up as a prize, which is just great really.

So yeah, it’s pretty bland and I didn’t like it. But it’s an adaption of an otome game, and I am not a girl, so it’s really not meant for me. If you’re into bland, cookie-cutter male anime characters though, fucking go for it I guess.

La storia della whatever is available streaming at Crunchyroll


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