Saints Row: The Third is the best game I played half a year after everyone else

For the last few months, while trying to no avail to get a job, I’ve been filling my time with video games. I made a sport out of getting the platinum trophy in as many games as I could manage, and currently find myself sitting on a pile of 21 of the god damn things. While I am basically hunting for platinum trophies, I do make it a point to stick to games I think I’ll like. But often times getting the platinum involves playing the game to the point where I just start to resent it and am relieved to finally get it so I can stop playing.

Last Tuesday, June 19th, at 12:12PM, I got the platinum trophy in Saints Row: The Third, and I have not stopped playing. I vehemently refuse to stop playing. I did an entirely new playthrough with a different voice just so I had a reason to continue. I love this game. I love everything about it. I’m legitimately sad that I have nothing left to experience in this game, and I haven’t felt this way about anything in a while.

Saints Row: The Third has a gift for taking absurd action to a whole new degree. One of the earliest things you do is jump through the cockpit window of a plane and shoot a couple dudes before immediately coming out the cargo hold. The entire time you plummet to the ground after escaping the plane, rival gang members who are absurdly dedicated to their jobs keep trying to kill you. This sequence is eventually topped later in the game where you do pretty much the same thing, except this time you’re in a tank. The game simply revels in the kind of ridiculous action sequences that I, and apparently many others, absolutely love.

I would imagine part of the reason Saints Row: The Third has managed to strike such a resonance with people has to do with the direction Grand Theft Auto has gone. The game undeniably has its roots in the Grand Theft Auto series, but with that series going for the more gritty and dramatic approach recently there’s plenty of room for a similar game to take the concepts from the genre and just simply be unabashedly stupid with them. The game is definitely juvenile, but it completely owns it. When Grand Theft Auto decided to put on its big boy pants and be serious, Saints Row said, “Fuck. That,” and beat a cop to death with a giant purple dildo, and I love it for doing so.

There’s not much else I can say about the game, other than that I’m really looking forward to how Saints Row 4 will try to top it.

If you haven’t given the game a shot yet, I highly recommend doing so.


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