Antz’ Guide To Mega Effective Use of Anime Season Charts

What with the summer anime season just around the corner you may find yourself in the familiar situation of staring at an anime season chart and wondering how you’re going to find out what shows are worth watching when there a couple dozen of them cropping up at once. Well don’t fret, for I have devised a system which quickly and easily eliminates 99% of shit series in one go. It’s called the Gaping Facehole System. You simply look at the chart, find which shows feature girls with gaping faceholes, and cross them out. Those shows are probably shit.

For example, here’s what the upcoming summer season looks like after employing this system:

Look at that. Thirteen series you don’t even need to bother checking out now. For comparison’s sake let’s take a look at the spring and winter charts after applying this system:


Sure looks like a lot of shit shows got knocked out there. Obviously the system isn’t perfect. Some shit shows might not have girls with gaping faceholes in their promo art while some not shit shows might. Not a lot you can do there, but it at least makes the process easier, and if a show you eliminated turns out to not be shit you can always check it out later.


5 thoughts on “Antz’ Guide To Mega Effective Use of Anime Season Charts

  1. Yes, because we all know that shows like Madoka, Nichijou, K-ON, Hayate no Gokou, Toradora, Clannad… are all terrible shows that no one ever watched and were never worth watching.

    For fuck’s sake. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    • Considering that most of us don’t have time to watching every show each season, I think it’s absolutely okay to judge a show by it’s promo art. That is, after all, what promotional material exists for.

  2. I’ve been doing this for a while. While I don’t do the mouth thing, I do look at the promo art, and for the most part, you can judge anime by the promo art. For the 10% that you cross out, you will quickly find out what is actually good.

  3. I judge anime based on their titles. Is it in Japanese? Probably weeaboo shit. Is it in English? Probably engrish shit. Is it in Italian? Probably esoteric shit. Is it in Chinese? FUCK YEAH wait

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