Press Release: School Days Collector Edition

Today, I am celebrating having a working monitor and a still mostly non-functional computer that I can at least attempt to use by posting a press release, since I not only said I would post press releases, but I hadn’t prepared anything for this review. Therefore, it won’t be a review.

Without further ado:

Press Release: JAST USA Announces School Days HQ Collector’s Edition

JAST USA, the top publisher of Japanese PC games in English, today unveiled the collector’s edition of School Days HQ, a fully-animated bishoujo game (also known as a dating sim or eroge) that is famous for its violent bad ends. School Days has attracted mainstream attention since the anime adaptation shocked audiences with its unexpected and gory conclusion.

This collector’s edition is the first such release in JAST USA’s history, and includes two items that are not available from any other source.

The first item is an “oppai” mousepad, which is an illustrated mousepad with a breast-shaped wrist rest. The mousepad included with the School Days HQ collector’s edition features original artwork of heroine Katsura Kotonoha in a wedding dress. This illustration was drawn for the mousepad by School Days character designer Goto Junji.

The second item is an illustrated rubber keychain. The illustration, designed with fans of the School Days anime in mind, is super-deformed art of protagonist Itou Makoto’s head.

JAST USA president Peter Payne said, “Without a doubt, School Days is a very important game for the English eroge industry. We really wanted to make it special, so we worked with Goto Junji and School Days developer 0verflow to create an amazing collector’s edition that fans are going to drool over.”

These two items will be packaged together with the game in a distinct collector’s box. The full set can be viewed and ordered on its product page at

School Days HQ is currently in the final stages of testing, and is expected to go Golden Master in May, with release following shortly thereafter.



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