Choose my next review

Okay readers I have a few ideas for what I want to review next, but I cannot make up my mind at all. So I decided it is time again for you guys to pick what I should review next. Below are the choices for stuff I would like to review. I have done this numerous times before but I am making a slight change with this. Along with the choices below I am also going to include an area for write in answer there. This is not going to be a free choice to put anything down there are a few rules with this. First it cannot be a show that I have already reviewed. Two, no rare OOP titles (I do not have that kind of money to track down those titles). Third, streaming titles are allowed HOWEVER they must be shows that appear on a legal streaming site (TAN, CR, Hulu, Funimation, Crackle, etc). Fourth, no super long shows*.  If you want to make a suggestion for what I should watch next you can either put the answer in the choice other or you can add it to the comments section of this post in a format similar to this:

Show: XYZ, it is currently streaming on DEF.

*Disclaimer: I do have the right to reject the majority vote if there is no realistic way for me to review the title in question (for example the sequel to a show that I have no watched, or something that would take too long for me to review like One Piece or Naruto)

The poll will run for one week starting tonight and will end May 19th at 6:00 PM EST.

Update: So it is a little late for the update but the polls are closed.  Since it was a tie between Blue Drop and Escaflowne I will review both titles.


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