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Some of you may be wondering why I do not have a photo on this post. Well, for one I am not doing a review. Number two, I will be discussing adult games, and images would be too NSFW. So instead, bear with me and enjoy what will likely be a wall of text.

Today I intend to cop out on reviews so I have time to finish up Deus Machina Demonbane; Digital: A Love Story; don’t take it personally babe, it just ain’t your story; Analogue: A Hate Story; narcissu 2; Aselia The Eternal; and Aion.

So instead today I will talk about some adult games from Japan that introduce new ideas that are actually quite innovative, due to the fact that I like to see innovation, as it moves the industry forward as a whole.

First is a game called Artificial Academy, or Jinkou Gakuen. To make a long story short, you play as a class president, and you can create the class. To be more specific, you can fiill the classroom full of characters of your own creation. Want the entire class to be clones of the same girl? Go ahead. Want a diverse population of characters to interact with? You can do that as well. Want to create a harem of all the classmates? Feel free. Want to romantically pursue just one? You can do that too.

So, why is this making the list of revolutionary games? Well, it is a game that allows you to create your own story. Every other Visual Novel has you play through their story, and some are more advanced and have branching storylines. Digital: A Love Story has one single story path with only one ending (but only takes about an hour to complete) while most other games have good and bad endings and several characters you can end or fail to end with. In comparison, Artificial Academy has near-infinite possible paths. The only limit is 25 classmates and your imagination. 25 classmates, and you can customize them and yourself. Almost every fantasy can be played out with this game, and it allows you to create your own story instead of following the story of someone else.

Honestly, I considered not linking to these games, but they are so easily googled that I may as well just give the link. After all, while you need to be 18 to order adult games, everywhere just relies on the honor system to view and buy stuff. So I may as well hope you are honest and won’t click the link if you are under 18.

Artificial Academy

The second game is Delusion Virtual Character Trouble with T-CAM. Remember when I said Sonicomi was a great advance for Visual Novels due to the fact that actions required you to perform said action instead of a cutscene or just clicking in a box? Well, DVCT takes it to a whole new level by using a (sadly proprietary) camera with the game for the actions. While Sonicomi had you play minigames to take photos, and the minigame perfomed somewhat like taking photos, DVCT goes one step further by using the camera to read your body movements. I do not know if that works in a perverted way, or if the game includes adult content. Back on topic, if you want to give an item to someone, you actually do the motions of handing somehting, the camera sees it, and the character receives the item.

To quote form the website: “…the player is able for the first time to “reach out and touch” the 3D heroines on the screen, through the innovative use of camera sensor technology. Interact with your favorite girl through movements of your hand, and make ‘eye contact’ through face recognition technology, in addition to a suite of other controls that let you interact with characters in the virtual world like never before! Examine a girl by looking at her from various angles and the camera position changes to suit, or give her a virtual present through the screen – the possibilities are virtually limitless. With the far future ‘Adam and Eve aboard an artificial satellite’ setting as a landscape, you’ll be able to meet and interact with the girl of your dreams in this next generation love sim game.”

Talk about innovation: you now must do the actions in person instead of clicking boxes or watching a cutscene of an event and thinking it would be nice if you could actually Do some of that stuff. Well, thanks to DVCT you actually can.

Plus, the setting sounds pretty interesting as well, but that is for a review, if one ever happens.

Delusion Virtual Character Trouble with T-CAM

Finally, and I really debated about this, but 3D Virtual Girl. While the other games include ideas such as a fully open story or camera based interaction that will hopefully see release for non-adult games, 3D Virtual Girl is solely for adults with its adult accessory.

The game is solely sex with no story or plot. And to assist with that, they made an extra bit that allows you to actually…yeah…and the character on screen…yeah.

Funny enough though, 3D Custom Girl was outselling Little Busters on, and actually took the #1 spot for PC eroge. This game managed to dethrone the mighty Little Busters, which is a pretty impressive feat for a $200 game. So what else does it do? Well, you can create custom characters in game, so if you ever had fantasies about Hatsune Miku, you can act those out. If that isn’t quite your taste, snag one of the game modifications and go to town on a giant gundam. Literally anything or any character you can think of has been created. While that is a bit messed up if you think about it (so don’t) the game license allows for you to create a custom character model and sell it to other people. Commercially. Without having to give them a cut of the money.

A bit perverted use, but it has extras that would allow you to interact with eroge by actually…*ahem*…

Plus, it allows you to make some extra money if you can find someone who wants to download and pay for the files of a character you made, it has lots of third party mods, and actually manages to bring new ideas to the eroge genre. Specifically, it is a game that knows exactly what people want from eroge and gives them just that. Oh, and did I mention it used those 3D-esque characters? Yeah, it is like an animation drawing  came to life. While to other two games head towards the more photo-realistic character designs, 3d Virtual Girl takes typical anime and manga appearances and makes those into its 3D characters.

So, a whole new visual appearance and a game that provides new interaction ideas? Not the most innovative, but it puts forward ideas they will again hopefully be in future games. Well, future adult games here. There is no way the accessory here can work for anything but adult games.

And it just so happens  they are out of stock and may or may not get it back, but jlist previously had it here:

3D Custom Girl

My personal thoughts: 3D cake simulator (as I call it) is interesting, and probably one of the better H games. Artificial academy is interesting, but not likely to get a follow up game. After all, when you can be the god/main character of your realm, it is pretty hard to follow up to that,  except by changing the setting and some other changes. Maybe the sequel will be in an office or a  university or somehting instead of a high school. DVCT has  to be one of the most interesting game I have seen, primarily due to that use of the camera to allow you to interact with the characters by mimicking the actions.

I also think that if I had the money I’d review…perhaps them all, actually. I am not too hip on the 3D cake idea, but I am more willing to put my money where my mouth is. Artificial Academy has me interested, but might not be a good idea, given my history with the last game that gave me the powers of a god (sims.) Overall, of those three, I would want to check out DVCT the most. I would also like  to check out a new mouse and keyboard too, as both only work about 50% of the time.

Right, well, that is the end of this article.  Buy any of those games if that is your thing is my useful advice for the ending here. The links go right to the products because I am nice like that.


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