Oh right, I changed the site’s name didn’t I?

So yeah, last week or the week before or whatever I finally decided to change the site’s name. I’d been wanting to do so since last March when I took over but couldn’t really think of anything. So now I have one, shamlessly ripped off from Blog of the North Star. But yeah, when I decided to change the name I pretty much knew I’d be naming it after something from Berserk. It was just a matter of coming up with something. For a while I was considering using Holy Purple Rhino Blog, but since I put Guts in the header it seemed better to use one based on the Band of the Hawk instead. Also ’cause I can’t imagine a lot of people even remember the Holy Purple Rhino Knights. They weren’t exactly a significant group in Berserk. Truthfully it would probably be better to use an image of Griffith in the header since it’s called Blog of the Hawk, but whatever.


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