Spring 2012 Anime First Impression: Upotte!!

Plot Synopsis: “A military comedy anime of guns personified as soft, cute, gun-girls!

The rookie teacher posted to Seishou Academy is suddenly sent to the hospital… And that’s natural because his students are assault rifles!? This is a gun-comedy about beautiful, unique gun-girls running wild in school!”

Thoughts: At this point in time nothing surprises me with what Japan can put the moe spin on. This time now they have turned to firearms to give the moe treatment and well to say that it is an odd show is a bit of an understatement. The girls themselves are moe versions of real life assault rifles so those who know their guns will know what they are talking about. The girls personalities are some what based on their guns themselves (for example the M16A4 girl likes the cool floor because she is not fully automatic like the other girls).

If you are looking for a deep show this is not going to be it. It is a show about guns being made moe just that. It is funny to an extent but the humor is going to be hit or miss for most. Being a shot created by Xebec if you have seem some of their shows that hit more on the moe look to the girls (Ladies Vs. Butlers, Kanokon) then you have a good idea of what to expect. Surprising there is little in terms of fanservice with a Xebec show.

Score 3/5

Upotte!! is currently streaming on Crunchyroll


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