Spring 2012 Anime First Impressions: Acchi Kocchi

Plot Synopsis: “The serious-minded Tsumiki and the pure-hearted Io feel they never want to be parted, and yet they haven’t fallen in love yet. More than friends but not lovers, they develop an awkward quasi-romance. “

Thoughts: I am not sure if Acchi Kocchi is based off a 4-koma manga or not but it sure does have that feel of a 4-koma manga made into an anime but maybe not in the best way possible. So we meet the cast of characters include one who looks a lot like Konata from Lucky Star and well lets just say if you have seen one 4-koma adaption already you can probably tell how this will go along.

While 4-koma manga can be difficult to pull off in anime format it has been done plenty of times before and done much better. Such shows as Azumanga Diaoh, Seitokai Yakuindomo are good examples of how to pull off 4-koma manga especially SY which is a good example of how to pull of a 4-koma manga.

The show has some funny moments here and there, but overall the show is just not funny enough to be completely enjoyable and it felt almost like a chore just to finish.

Score 2/5


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