Manga Review: Imouto Wa Shishunki

Imouto Wa Shishunki is a basic slice of school life comedy 4 panel manga. The series centers around a boy with a younger sister. he has a perverted friend, she has a couple friends, later three primary friends. One of them is the classic straight man from comedy, and cuts down the jokes of the other girls.

The plot is so basic as to be non-existent. Actually, I would like to say that is true, but the plot simply is not there. There isn’t even a Lucky Star or K-on! type of plot where there are jokes and such, bu they at least age as the story progresses. K-on was mostly 4 panel format (better known as 4-koma) and the characters went through the years of high school. Imouto Wa Shishunki has none of that. I could settle for no changes and progressions in the characters so that they remain 2 dimensional, but they don’t even age. Nothing at all changes about them.

Given that the plot isn’t there, along with the parents of all these high school kids, One would expect then that the adults in the story would be reasonable, responsible people. Luckily for me, that doesn’t happen. the adults are more perverted than the students, to the extent of making jokes at the students that I am sure would be harassment at the very least. They do lampshade this with a single strip where the straight man girl asks if she should sue, and the teacher says they’d prefer not.

There are no jokes beyond innuendo. However, they do mix it up occasionally with bad innuendo or jokes that just fall flat. Sometimes, they even go for the beating a dead horse joke. Yes, Okazu as a sidedish or as a ‘sidedish’ may have been funny the first time. It was less funny the second time, and it becomes exponentially less funny each time.

Perhaps if the series had anything other than jokes for those who are 15 or who never mentally grew out of being 15, then it may actually be funny. I will admit innuendo can be really funny, but it is a very hard joke to pull off. Having the jokes be nothing but innuendo makes them terribly repetitive and predictable. Innuendo at just the right moment can get a snicker out of most anyone with a sense of humor, but it is a form of humor that is so easily overused. And Imouto Wa Shishunki doesn’t just overuse it to the point of boredom, it overuses it to the point where you would be happy to never hear another innuendo joke, no matter how well done, ever again. To top it off, most of the jokes simply are not funny.

Score: 0/5 pretty bad

I’m not going to give it a pro and con debate. It isn’t offensive bad, it is a comedy. It has one task to do: be funny. And it isn’t funny. It totally failed on the one thing it is supposed to do. It isn’t as good as a swing and a miss: it swings the bat before the ball is even thrown and knocks itself out with a blow to the head.


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