Spring 2012 Anime First Impressions: Saint Seiya Omega

Plot Synopsis: “The legends of the Pegasus Seiya, a Saint who saved Athena many times, have been told for generations. Many years have passed, and the God of war, Mars, who was sealed by Seiya, is about to revive. Meanwhile, a boy whose life was saved by Seiya years ago, is being raised by Athena and Saori to become a Saint and fight in the coming battle. When the power within him awakens, a new legend of the Saints begins!”

Thoughts: Being a fan of the Saint Seiya franchise I was excited to watch this first episode and truth be told I was pretty at the end of it. This is a revival of the series but not a complete do over, instead this is a sequel to the original series that aired many years ago.

Could you watch this first episode not having watched the original series or read the original manga? I think you could but to full enjoy what is airing you have to at least some knowledge about what happened within the original TV series. There is some throwback here with the character designs which is going to be YMMV (your mileage may vary) for some people and may turn off potential fans because of the character designs.

Is the show cliched? Hell yes it is, but who cares people are getting their ass kicked so that should be motivation enough here to watch it.

Score 4/5

Saint Seiya Omega is available streaming on Crunchyroll


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