Janaiblog Special: Celebration

Why is there a celebration you ask? Well it has been one year since I started writing for Janaiblog. It only feels like yesterday when I joined the site as a reviewer. Well just stating this would be a bit of a waste of a post so I am going to take a bit of a look back on last year. Looking back at last year I bought a lot of anime and manga over the course of last year. Last year was big for me since I was able to get a lot of titles that I did not have completed I was able to get completed. Shows like NANA, Honey and Clover, and Ranma ½ were all shows that I was able to get all of the sets and complete my collection of those shows. The big part of last year was that I was able to get my BD collection much larger since more shows are being released in the R1 land and get a BD release as a result.

I also did my share of reviews. Looking back at some of my early reviews, I question how I could made what I wrote sound good. I was also involved in the spring cleaning challenge that Mike Ferrira over at <Anime Herald> had. That was an interesting challenge as not only I was able to review different shows and some movies but I also learned about getting thrown for a loop with a show that I have never watched before and also different genres in my reviews. I also got a reviewing burnout from doing so many reviews in a row.

I should have done more opinion articles last year but I did not take the leap and give my thoughts on a lot of topics that occur in the anime industry.

So with a year under my belt for the site I have more expectations for myself. I’ve already done a few reviews so far this year and there is not a lot coming out right now that I want to buy, so I want to keep up with the reviews whenever I get stuff I want to review. I have already did a few articles on a different topic (sequels) and I do plan on a doing few more opinion pieces and editorials when I feel I need to go there.

Hopefully I will still be writing for the site for another year (that is assuming that the world does not end on December 22) and it brings me another year of talking about anime.


One thought on “Janaiblog Special: Celebration

  1. Doesn’t time fly by. Great job on the reviews and thanks for all your hard work. –archaron

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