Anime Review: Listen to me Girls, I am Your Father episode 7-12


Did you enjoy the bits of drama that were given in the first half of this series? If you did and wanted more drama then your prayers have been answered with the second half of this series. The drama dial has been turned up in this half of the series and in turn as a result this is where this show shines its brightest. These last six episodes are the strongest the series has to offer and with all that goes on in these episodes it is not hard to see why they are the strongest.

These six episodes which can be split into three separate arcs do several things, one is starts to take the show away from the light heart moments along with the otaku targeting aspects and gives the show a more realistic touch. Second and possibly the most important aspect is that we get some good old fashion character development for most of the main cast members.

The strongest episodes are easily seven and eight, along with eleven and twelve. These four episodes are hit with the drama hammer the hardest compared to episode nine and ten which while still have their share of drama serve more as a character focused episodes. These two episodes while they are not bad at all do not quite have the punch as the episodes before and the episodes after it.

When the character develop through out these six episodes they go from more than just their initial traits and to an extent become more realistic. The girls while they are still children start to worry more about their living arrangements and worry about each other. Yuuta starts to develop more into a father figure for the girls instead of still just a guardian for the girls. Of course Yuuta is still far from the perfect parent and it shows but that also brings him to a more realistic level instead of just a perfect parent.

There is still some fanservice present here with a small amount in episode nine and ten but none of this takes away from the shots that are present in.

The OP and ED are the same from the first half so no change here, but I will say that music is quite effective with helping the tone of the series especially in the last couple episodes. If there is one thing that I do have to say is a problem is that hearing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in English does not sound so great, especially begin sung by a three year old? I mean if a three year old talks like a three year old how would they be able to sing that song that is not in their native tounge.

These last six episodes of Listen to Me Girls, I am Your Father! is much heavier in the drama department and it works without being heavy handed. The cast becomes more developed and in turns becomes a tad more realistic as well.

Score 4/5

Pros: More drama then before, character development, the music
Cons: The fanservice aspects may upset those who do not like underage fanservice, the English

Show’s overall score: 4/5

Listen to Me Girls, I am your Father is currently streaming on CrunchyRoll

The show is also streaming on TAN


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