Review: Nana to kaoru

Due to some very unfortunate circumstances for me, I will be delaying my reviews of Aselia The Eternal, Demonbane, and Sonicomi by an unspecified amount of time, as I just had to re-install the OS on my computer, and I have lost the save files, along with a lot of other things. The hard drive is now making a grinding and scraping sound, so This computer is not long for this world. As such, I will be covering manga and anime until I can get something done about this.

Right, that is out of the way, time to review as best I can Nana to Kaoru. First, this will be really hard to review. I originally intended to try to find someone experienced with this who i could e-mail for information about the situations and character relationships in this manga, but that Id ea got tossed out as rather impractical. As such, all my knowledge will come from wikipedia.

The plot of the story revolves around two childhood friends. As is the law, one is male, the other female, and they enter into a relationship throughout the books. Except their relationship is a BDSM relationship started by her trying on a leather outfit thing (I don’t know the specific name of it) and then getting interested in BDSM. Later on, another girl joins in, and the guy is now the dominant with two female submissives.

Like I stated, this is somehting I know nothing about. So I will try to review this as best as I can.

The series revolves around the BDSM play, and what little plot there is is merely filler between or extensions of the BDSM play, such as when the first girl has to go out shopping while in bondage.

The plot just isn’t really there, but there is a lot of BDSM play, and when the second girl finds out, they get her to try by showing her that it isn’t like how it is commonly portrayed in the media.

Honestly, I have nothing to really say beyond that. I can’t really talk about the BDSM which is the overwhelming majority of the story because this website is child-friendly, and also because it is somehting I know nothing about. All I can say is that everything they do has an actual name for whatever it is, and a thanks to wikipedia for giving me that knowledge.

Score: I won’t give it one. Let me explain: I don’t think it is bad. I think it will appeal only to people who like BDSM, and everyone else will simply have no interest in it. Is it good? Bad? I don’t know. I just know it is for one specific group of people that the rest of us are outsiders to, and it will make little or no sense for us.

Buy this if you like BDSM, don’t buy it if you don’t.

Caveat: I will try to find someone to talk to about this, but it is on the bottom of my priority list. If I can find someone, then I may revisit this manga at a later date.


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