Public Service Announcement

Hello everyone. Today, instead of any one of the several reviews I was planning on doing (Deus Machina Demonbane, Aselia the Eternal, Alice: Madness Returns, or any one of the number of really good or really bad animes I have seen recently) I instead decided to give something to all the people who play games.

I do not care if you play western games, JRPGs, or Japanese games that play like western games, or western games that play like Japanese games. This news is of importance to all of you.

Some of you may vaguely recall the decision a while ago by the U.S. Supreme Court where video games were ruled an art form. This means that the National Endowment for the Arts can sponsor specific games, as well as games are subject to the same ideas as art-they don’t have to conform to moral standards as much.

Now, such a decision was helped by the outspoken gaming community who wanted to defend their medium, and wanted their medium to be accepted. They wanted to see games straddled with less regulation so that they could grow as an artistic medium.

Now, if you live in the U.S. the first thing I suggest you do is register to vote. Then, you should go to the Video Game Voter’s website and join them to show your support for games as a medium.

The thing is, though, gamers are a pretty giving community. Despite what you will run into on any multiplayer game in a public server, a lot of gamers put forward a positive image through various organizations, such as Child’s Play.

For those not in the know, Child’s Play is a charity that seeks to help out hospitalized children through donations from the gaming industry and gamers.

Other events, such as Desert Bus For Hope, run game events that seek donations from people watching or helping to raise money for Child’s Play. Yes, by the time you read this, Desert Bus has ended. They raised nearly $400,000 for Child’s Play.

And how much did Child’s Play bring in in 2011? They raised a little over $3.5 million U.S.D. That is over $3.5 million from the industry and gamers who care.

But it isn’t all just donations from companies and events like Desert Bus for Hope. Consider the upcoming game, Rule of Cool. They are in the beta phase currently, and in the beta phase alone, they raised $13,000 for Child’s Play. For those not familiar with the game, it is an indie (independent) game developer who is making a game where all proceeds from the game go to Child’s Play.

Yes, the game costs money. Actually, it is free at the moment. They used a pay-what-you-like system, where you pay what you want or can to get the game. It is now free for a short while, but they will soon be doing another donation drive for the core book. For some money that goes to charity, is it not worth buying the game? Even if you do not play it much, you at least made a charitable donation and got something for it.

But it isn’t all charities. Perhaps some of you are fans of the absolutely great classic games Grim Fandango and and of the Monkey Island games. Old fashioned adventure games with lots of character and a good storyline. They were amazing games at the time, and still are amazing games. The people behind those games wanted to make a new adventure game. Nobody would take on the project, as companies figured it would simply be money lost. So, they went to kickstarter to raise $400,000 to develop a new game.

As I write this, there is 25 days left, and the money sits at $1,907,083. Almost 2 million dollars raised to fund the type of games people want to play. If you liked Grim Fandango or any of the Monkey Island games, you can support Double Fine Adventures here.

I will admit to not being the biggest fan of pure adventure games. But, I am a fan of games a s a medium, which is why I will be donating to Double Fine, and why I will be picking up Rule of Cool.

That was all I had to say. In the end, if you like games in general, please show your support for them. Register with Video Game Voters, or donate money to Child’s Play. Support Desert Bus next time it comes around, or buy Rule of Cool or donate towards the Double Fine game or others that appear.

By supporting games, we in turn get better games. And in the end, isn’t that win-win for everyone involved?

Yes. Yes it is.


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