Winter 2012 Anime First Impressions: Aquarion Evol

Plot Synopsis: A group of aliens comes from another dimension and kidnap humans, and there’s this group of young pilots who fight them off using a combining mecha named Aquaria. But one day the aliens use a mecha of their own to fight back, and the Aquaria is no match for it. Blah blah normal guy ends up in mecha, blah blah suddenly they win.

Thoughts: The first episode of Aquarion Evol is almost a note for note recreation of the first episode of Aquarion. Except it’s 40 minutes long now. It’s about as different as it needs to be to establish that this is in fact a sequel, but that’s it. Aquarion had aliens who kidnap people, so does Evol. Aquarion had an organization dedicated to fighting the aliens using a combing mecha, so does Evol. Evol differs in that they have two mechas, and for some reason they keep the boy and girl pilots seperate. And when the mecha suddenly starts getting beaten, the hero jumps in and with no training at all pilots the mecha and defeats the enemy. I can’t tell if they were going for homage or just being lazy.

Truthfully, I can’t think of much else to say then, “This is just Aquarion again,” because that’s seriously all there is to this episode. Aquarion was a generic, dumb forgettable mecha series with shitty CGI mechas. Evol will probably end up going the same way if it keeps things up, though the shitty CGI mechas are least a little less shitty. So if you’ve seen Aquarion, and from what I gather not a lot of people have, then you already know what you’re getting from Evol. If you haven’t seen Aquarion and want to watch a stupid forgettable mecha series with dull repetitive fights every single episode, go with Evol. I doubt you’ll really need to know anything from the first Aquarion to really understand the story.

Score: I don’t know


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