Winter 2012 Anime First Impressions: Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne

Plot Synopsis: “Madoka’s life forever changes when she’s recruited by a girl named Lan to pilot a robot and protect her hometown Kamogawa City from space invaders. Their efforts are bolstered by a girl named Muginami, but they’re still unsure of why their enemies are attacking.”

Thoughts: Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne seems like two different types of shows going on during the first episode.  In the first half, we have the main girl Madoka helping other athletic clubs that need assistance for some reason.  While it continues this path, we can get the impression that this is probably going to be a slice of life show about a girl who helps other clubs.  During the second part of the episode, (okay near the end of the first part) things shift and now the focus in some sort of alien threat coming to Earth and some mecha battles occur.

So does this do anything new for the mecha genre?  Not in the slightest bit, but who cares.  The female lead is likeable and that is a big redeeming quality here.

On a visual level, the show looks amazing.  From what I have seen so far, this is the best-looking show of the season.  The character designs are good and the fanservice present is not over bearing.  The mecha designs are the spectacle of the episode and the mech battle was great.  The best part of the mecha battle, one mecha giving the other mecha a German suplex.  I mean if that does not sound awesome to, I do not know what is then.

Lagrange brings nothing new to the mecha genre, but who cares about that.  It is fun, and again German suplexing a robot.  Nuff’ said.

Score 3/5

Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne is streaming on Hulu

Also streaming on


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