Winter 2012 Anime First Impressions: Papa no Iu wo Kikinasai!

Plot Synopsis: “Yuuta Segawa, a college student, suddenly becomes the guardian of his three nieces in place of his sister and her husband. The eldest niece, Sora, is a 14 year old 10th grader with semi-long brownish hair decorated with a ribbon. The middle niece, Miu, is an elementary schoolgirl with blond pigtails. The youngest niece, Hina, is an angelic 3 year old attending daycare. This at-home romantic comedy illustrates the chaotic but heartwarming lives of these four characters in their tiny one-room apartment.”

First Thoughts: To say that the first episode of this series is generic is like saying water is wet.  Just about everything here is generic and forgettable.  The character designs are cute but forgettable, the music is generic, and the art itself is generic.  The CG is awful and is just so wrong for the series.

As much as it generic there is a certain charm to it that makes me want to keep watching more of it.  Were introduced to the cast and from what I can see, none of the cast members so far being unlikeable.  The voice acting is okay, but is nothing special at all.  There is a little bit of fanservice present in the first episode but nothing that is overly fanserivce.

The first episode of Papa no Ii Wo Kikinasai is generic as you can get, yet there is a certain something to it that makes me still want to watch more of it.  This is not going to be best of the season material but a cute fun show to watch.

Score 2/5

Papa no Iu wo Kikinasai! is streaming on Crunchyroll 


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