Winter 2012 Anime First Impression: Moretsu Pirates (aka Bodacious Space Pirates)

Plot Synopsis: “Marika Katou is a freshman in high school who lives on the planet “Umi no Akehoshi” somewhere in space. One day, she is told that her father, who she thought was dead, was actually alive until just a while ago, and was the captain of the space pirate ship Bentenmaru. And she also finds out that they need her, his heir, to be captain so that they can keep flying! Marika begins a new life as a high school girl, and as captain of the pirate ship Bentenmaru!”

Thoughts:  Ever be surprised by a show that has an idea that it should be tongue in cheek but it turns out not to be that way.  Welcome to the first episode of Bodacious Space Pirates.  The first episode gives the viewer’s enough to understand the world that this series is in, without being bogged down with info dumping or long periods of exposition.  The main girl is on the naïve side but she is still a likeable person.  We meet a few of the crew of the Bentenmaru and neither of them are dislikable people.  It is never really explained why the helmsman of the ship is now a substitute teacher at Marika’s school though from what we can tell I would say that he is there to recruiter for the ship.

The show is good looking both with the art in general and the character designs.  CG is used during the show and it great looking.  The music is really good as well.

The real question with Bodacious Space Pirates is this the best show of the season?  I have no idea just yet being with this just being the first episode, but it has all the potential to be the best show of the season.  If things keeping going like they do this could easily be one of the top shows of 2012.

Score: 4/5

Moretsu Pirates is currently streaming on Crunchyroll


One thought on “Winter 2012 Anime First Impression: Moretsu Pirates (aka Bodacious Space Pirates)

  1. >mfw “still a likeable person”

    P.S. the planet’s name isn’t ‘Umi no Akehoshi’ – it’s actually ‘Um, I know a ke-house he.’

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