Winter 2012 Anime Season First Impression: High School DxD

Plot Synopsis: “Issei Hyodo is sophomore at Komaou Private Academy, a high school with primarily women. His goal in attending this school is one thing and one thing only: to build himself a personal harem at the school! But the women all call him a pervert and his goal of making a harem is nothing but a grand dream now…”

Thoughts: Let me start by saying that tits alone cannot save a show.  It can make a bad show more of guilty pleasure show then just a bad show.  To put it simply without the fanservice the first episode of High School DxD would be awful as a whole.  So our male lead Hyoudou proclaims he wants tits.  Well I have to give him credit for being so straightforward here about what he wants in life.  His friends also want tits.  Along the way, some girl randomly says that she wants to go on a date with him.  I guess because he is such a loser he will go on a date with a girl he knows nothing about.  Anyways *spoiler alert* she kills him at the end of the date.  He wakes up the next day; some stuff happens he later then learns that the busty red headed girl he saw earlier in the episode is “surprise” a devil.

I guess my tastes must be changing because a few years ago I would love this kind of stuff.  I guess maybe there are not enough meat the on bones here in this first episode for me to give a damn about what is going on.  I will give credit where credit is credit due here and say that the bouncing breasts are animated nicely and the fanservice is good.  The character designs are okay but nothing earth shattering.  I have no clue where this plot is going to go with this one.  I could care less about the cast or what is happening plot wise.

If fanservice is your thing this series is going to be right up your alley of interest.  If you do not care about fanservice then pass on this show and spend your limited time elsewhere.

Score 1/5


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