Anime Review: Heaven’s Lost Property

Tomoki’s life was normal until a wish-granting angelic android named Ikaros fell from the sky and started calling him master! Of course, thanks to his raging teenage hormones, most of Tomoki’s wishes have something to do with panties. And that makes things pretty complicated, because one simple wish can lead to a rampaging robot made out of frilly undergarments or turn bloomers into bombs capable of blowing up entire neighborhoods!

If Tomoki doesn’t learn to control his impulses around Ikaros and be more careful with his wishes, the chaos will only get crazier. Luckily, even with such a dirty mind, Tomoki’s heart is in the right place. His hands, however, are a completely different story.



It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows me on twitter that I love ecchi anime and manga.  Ecchi comedies are a dime a dozen in today’s anime industry and 90% of them are similar or damn near the same to other titles in the genre.  At first glance it would seem that Heaven’s Lost Property fits into the mold of a standard ecchi comedy.  We have a normal teenage boy whose hormones are running wild and who like any heterosexual male his age wants to see panties and female underwear.  We have the standard childhood friend who is potential love interest even if she gets annoyed by his perverted antics.

As much as it may have in common with similar shows in the genre the biggest defining aspect here is the comedy with the series.  There are some truly very funny moments littered throughout the series and it is here where the series is shining the brightest.  Episode 2, Episode 4, and Episode 11 feature some of the funniest moments that the series has to offer.

Of course not everything the series has to offer is humorous and this is where the series starts to stumble.  Mixed in with the comedy are some doses of drama which while itself are not a bad thing to have in a series, you cannot expect to switch between humor and drama and have it seem a bit jarring.  Comedy and drama together can be done in a way that works and not do huge flip flops with comedy then all of a sudden start doing drama.  It disrupts the flow of the series and can be off putting.

There is a little bit of character development here and there.  Ikaros tries to be more human as the show goes a long similar to how Chi does so in Chobits but without all the learning how to talk and clothes once self that Chi has to learn.  The male lead Tomoki does get some development in the first episode after his “wish” to rule the world and what comes of it when he does it.  The rest of the cast sadly does not get much if any development at all.  Sohara the Type B tusndere childhood friend of Tomoki sticks with the whole I want to beat him up/ I want him in bed with me thing all throughout the series but does not really to change any of it or to progress their relationship.  I am not going to really talk about the side characters since there is no development with them, and I wish there was some development with the side cast.

Art and Animation:

Well the background art is nothing innovative and the same can be said about the character designs the show looks great in HD.  The colors are bright and look sharp.  There is some CG used during the shows and the CG is done in a way that does not seem jarring to the non CG stuff.  One of the highlights of the CG is the flying panties scenes that appear in episode two and episode four which is the highlight of the CG used in the series.  Not only does it look great it is also funny to watch a bunch of panties go flying in the air.  Chibi character designs are used a lot in this series especially with the male lead that spends most of the time in chibi form.

There are a few action intense scenes in the show and those are animated nicely and are enjoyable to watch.  These types of scenes are used heavily in episode four, episode eight and the last episode of the TV series.

To say there is a bit of fanservice in the series is like saying the ocean is wet.  Being that this is ecchi show at heart there is a lot of fanservice shown in Heaven’s Lost Property.  Expect to see lots of panty shots each episode and females in their underwear.  While bare breasts are shown in the series the girls however do not have any nipples.  The male lead is the only character in the show to have nipples

Sound and Audio:

The OP Ring my Bell is the best the series has to offer music wise which is played by Blue Drop which include Saori Hayami and Hitomi Yoshida.  The ED is a little different in that each episode has a different ED along with different animation which are sung by different people.  The animation usually has to do with each episode that it is for.  The music score during the episodes is standard J-pop music that you can expect in a ecchi series and is pretty forgettable

Funimation did the English dub for the series and for the most part the dub is good.  Greg Ayres provides the voice for Tomoki and does an a great job of emulating the original Japanese voice actor for Tomoki Soichiro Hoshi (you may remember him for giving Kira Yamato his voice in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny).  While most of the English actors do a good job with their roles the only role that I feel was better in the Japanese than English is Ikaros who in Japanese is voiced by Saori Hayami and Brittney Karbowski.  While Brittney is a great voice actress she does not give the same type of performance for this role has her Japanese counterpart Saori Hayami who does a better job with this role.  That is not to say that Brittney’s version of Ikaros is terrible and unlistenable, which is quite the opposite but Saori does a better job.

For the most part the English script is faithful to the original Japanese script.  There are a few rewrites here and there with some things especially in Episode 5 which renames a hot spring but it works in both languages.  There is more profanity in the English script especially with Tomoki who comes off as more of a jerkass in the English version than in the Japanese.

Final Thoughts:

Heaven’s Lost Property is a funny harem ecchi show that does some things to help it stand out amongst an already flooded market.  While the drama does not blend with the comedy well and cast members who do not get much development, it is still one of the funniest shows to come along in the last few seasons.  Heaven’s Lost Property is not for everyone, but those who do will get a fanservice filled comedy that will leave them in tears.

Score: 3/5

Pros: Lots of fanservice, good English dub and Japanese dub, very funny comedy

Cons: Poor musical score, comedy and drama do not mix all that well, not much in the character development department.

Heaven’s Lost Property is available from Right Stuf

The LE version of the series is also available


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