Winter 2012 First Impression: Recorder to Randoseru

Plot Synopsis: “On the surface it seems as if Atsushi is an adult, but really he’s just an elementary student! However, he is paired with a second-year high school student Atsumi, whose height is just the opposite of his. These two together create an unusual relationship and will undoubtedly instigate some comedic antics in this slice of life comedy!”

 Thoughts :So let me start this off by asking this question.  What you can say about a three minute long (okay 2:30 if you take out the ending) show?  There is not much at all that can be said here about the first episode of Recorder to Randoseru.  We are introduced to the main characters Atsumi and Atsushi.  With the male lead looking like an adult we a get a joke that is pretty predictable on how it turns out.

It is not a terrible looking series, but it is not going to set the world on fire animation wise.  The character design are okay but like the animation is not going to be neither ground breaking nor be impressive. 

Recorder to Randoseru is in short a time killer.  It is going to be best to watch in between shows or if you need something to do.  Those looking for ground breaking shows should look else where.

Score: 2/5

Recorder to Randoseru is streaming on Crunchyroll


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