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Note: this article is the sole opinion of OtakuAnthony and is not the opinions on Janaiblog.

Like many people these days I get my news online from sites such as CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, etc.  However, an article that I read yesterday caught my attention for all the wrong reason.  The article is called “This is how you buy a gift for an otaku.”  Upon reading the article in full it is easy to tell that the article should be labeled “This is how you buy a gift for a weeaboo”.

Now why is this you ask?  Let me break down this article a bit into why this article is misleading.  The third paragraph talks about a USB drive by that is based on GoLion (or Voltron if you have never seen the original series) The paragraph is as follows:

“It’s hard to go wrong with a gift like a USB drive, especially since there are so many cool ones for fans of Japanese culture. For instance, the Voltron 2 GB USB drive is part pose-able toy and part storage monster, ready to transport your files with attitude. Plus, he comes with a blazing sword, which has no other function beyond making you look that much cooler. Voltron Force, go!”

Now a USB drive is never a bad idea for any computer person or an otaku.  USB flash drives a great way to do backups for things like word or excel document or some pictures.  So what is the problem with this one?  First, this is a rip off price wise.  Looking at some other sites just for USB drives shows that I can get a 2GB USB flash drive for $5.99 at Tigerdirect.  So if I can get a normal one for roughly $6.00 why should I spend $37.00 one.  Second, you are buying for the name not the product.  But if you are asking yourself what type of drive can I get the $37.00.  Well you can get this 32 GB for the same price as the 2 GB Voltron one.

I am not going to go into every little thing that the article talks about since that would take up too much of my time.  Most of the items in the article would fit in with a weeaboo, which may or may not be an otaku.  The only items in that list that an otaku would probably enjoy would the two figurines that they discuss and the overpriced calendar.  However, a person who collects figurines would probably already have them either pre-ordered or ordered already.

Therefore, now that I have talked enough about what is wrong with this article lets us talk about what you could get an otaku for the holidays or their birthday whichever comes first.  First off, gift cards or gift certificates to places that sell anime or manga is never a terrible idea if you do not know what anime titles or manga titles to get a person.  Places that sell anime like Amazon.com, Right Stuf, Best Buy, RACS are just some examples of places that sell anime and manga excluding Best Buy which does not sell manga and RACS which I believe does not have gift certificates though I could be wrong.

For those who have large DVD and BD collections there are a couple of gifts that could benefit otaku and non otaku alike.  Shelving to stores DVD’s and BD’s are great especially those like me with large collections that are growing by the week.  Those who prefer manga over anime would also enjoy have bookshelves to stores their manga on.  If you are like me and do not keep your DVD’s and BD in their cases storage wallets are great since it allows ease of access for their BD’s and DVD and they are a lot easier to take around the house or apartment then a bunch of cases.

Maybe new shelves are not what they need, but a way to play those DVD’s or BD’s they own.  Blu-ray players have come down in a price lately so getting them a player so that if they only have DVD’s but plan on upgrading to BD’s in the near future then they are set to go.

I really could go on and on about what to buy an otaku, but I will end it here.  While I appreciate CNN for their news articles and their articles on geek fandom this article on what to get otaku is misleading and can easily confuse someone into thinking that an otaku and a weeaboo are one in the same.


3 thoughts on “Misleading articles

    • Nothing wrong with a talking alarm clock. It is just the CNN article is almost insulting.

  1. Keep in mind that the article is written by Colette Bennett, the Editor-in-Chief of Tomopop. I don’t think she intended for the article to be misleading or insulting at all, as she is very much involved with otaku culture. From looking over her article, I honestly don’t get the same impression you did.

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