An anime fans thanksgiving (aka what I am thankful for as a fan)

Tomorrow if you are an US citizen or live in America it is Thanksgiving.  For everyone else happy Thursday.  Anyways we are supposed to be thankful for stuff that we have in our lives.  As a person I still do have a lot to be thankful for.  I’m thankful that I still have my parents who are supportive of me.  I am thankful that I have employment in these tough times.  However, as an anime fan I do have some stuff that I am to be thankful for this year.  Here is what I am thankful for this year:

1. I am thankful that we are still getting English dubs for some shows being released in North America.  In a perfect world all shows being released would have an English dub, but we do not live in a perfect world.  I am thankful that Funimation is still doing English dubs for the shows that they release.  I am thankful that Sentai is at least doing some dubs for their shows but A LOT less when they used to be ADV which in a way is probably for the best.

2. I am thankful that some older manga titles are being released again.  While I am grateful for Tokyopop bringing out many titles in their life, I am just as grateful if not more grateful to Kodonsha Comics for bring some of the titles that TP has released in the past and given a new life line in the English.  I am grateful that titles like Love Hina and Sailor Moon are being released again in English.

3. I am thankful for legal streaming.  Okay, so I do not really use legal streaming options because my laptop cannot stream well at all, but I am thankful that there are more legal options then there were ever before to watch anime.  This is great because not only can fans shows that either have never gotten an official physical release outside of Japan, but also watch the newest shows that come out of Japan each and every season.  Sure not every show being release is given a legal option but more shows than ever are given this option.

4. I am thankful for premium releases.  Times are tough for everyone including me; however, I am thankful that a few companies still put out premium releases these days.  Funimation has been doing this with the LE sets. Aniplex of America has been doing this with some imports and sets with a good amount of extra.   Nozomi does this with nice art boxes and some type of booklet about the series.  NISA does this with their first run of a series with a huge box and large book about the show.


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