Manga Review: Boku No Futatsu No Tsubasa

Alright, a review of Boku No Futatsu No Tsubasa.Translated into English, the title means ‘My Two Wings’ which I will use to refer to the series from now on, as the untranslated title is like a tongue twister for your keyboard.

Actually, how is My Two Wings even related in any way to the story? Answer: it isn’t.

Right, let’s start by looking at what it gets classified as, and then explain why most of them are wrong. People classify it as: adult, comedy, ecchi, gender bender, harem, mature, romance, school life, sci-fi, seinen and yuri.

Right, first, the plot. The story is about a girl? guy? all of the above who moves to a new high school with her cousin (the main female character.) From there,they pursue all those things you see in high school manga, such as love and romance and relationships. And like every high school manga, there is sadness and breakups and cheating and such.

Of course, My Two Wings has to take those all the way to eleven and have a student cheating on his girlfriend with a teacher and other situations like that. Is it trying to be shocking? Is it merely trying to outdo other mangas? In either case, it does neither of those.

And of course, as the main character is gender wise all of the above, that needs to be played up for comedy, especially in the relationship area, as love hotels are to this school what pocky is to, well, most any other school life manga.

Whilst bare breasts is the absolute worst it will show, and that is agreed reasonable for 16+ to see, the humor is mostly lewd and poorly done, including a point where the main character goes to… you know, I don’t even want to say in detail. Suffice to sasy, that time of month and they try to play it for humor, yet it falls flat, mostly due to the fact the author has learned about humor from seeing the poster for a comedy movie, and partially because it simply isn’t funny.

A later scene has…not going to explain what led up to this, but the female lead whose name is forgettable mainly because the character is forgettable fell into the bathtub onto her cousin. Virginity lost! Another situation attempted to be played for comedy, but ends up being merely repulsive. Instead of laughing, you just feel awkward for reading it.

So as all her relationships fail, the main character goes and kills herself in a way the manga hopes will trach readers that no matter how different you are, it isn’t worth dieing for.

What actually happens is it is revealed he/she is different because she is actually half alien (and all the aliens are gender wise all of the above) but she is also the sister of the main female character (and is actually the younger sibling.)

Adult is accurate. Comedy isn’t-it simply isn’t funny. Ecchi is I guess there-perverted situations, characters, and ideas, which are the very definition of ecchi are all present. gender bender-well, not really. gender bender is pretty much when gender is being, well, bent, such as cross dressing characters and such. Having one character be both isn’t bending, it starts out as both, not as one acting like the other. harem is nowhere near accurate-there simply is no harem to be found anywhere in it. mature content is there, but the maturity level is that of a high school freshman at the highest. Romance is somewhat there-characters date and have relationships, but those relationships mostly involve love hotels. school life-the series plays into this idea greatly, except no school life is like that, except for the school life going on inside the head of somebody who lives in a padded cell. Sci-fi makes an appearance in the form of aliens and an alien abduction, or as mostly an excuse to classify this as sci-fi, and not really any sci-fi content beyond that. yuri is highly debatable. As the main character is both, and pursues relationships with both male and female characters, if one was to say yuri was there, then by definition, yaoi is there.

I actually liked the base idea behind this lamentably lackluster series. taking a character type normally found in H fetish and characterising them into something more real, giving them emotions and thoughts and actions is an interesting concept. My hat is off to the author for their willingness to experiment. They do deserve recognition for experimenting, especially when every week, we get a new schoolgirl series.

But this series doen’t deserve much-it is a failed attempt at humor and ecchi, and an over the top look at school life and relationships. The only selling point is its fanservice in the form of girls without their tops. And even then, it will only really appeal to people who like that type of H fetish craracter to start with. Maybe some yuri and yaoi fans will like it, but that is doubtful.

Score: 2/5 ‘not very good’

Pros: It is completely willing to try something new

Cons: It knows that new isn’t likely to appeal to people who know what they like, and tries to appeal to them with fanservice and comedy and such, all of which fall flat.

Prediction: One thing used to define a ‘great’ series is it, no matter how awful it is, it does something new and others draw inspiration from it. As bad as My Two Wings was, if other author take the ideas presented here and roll with them in a non-fetish way, then My Two Wings is classifiable a a great series. Probably not a truly great, but it has some potential as an idea farm. I personally would like to see a highly competent mangaka take the good ideas presented here and make an enjoyable series that you won’t want to lie about when someone wants to know what you are reading.


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