Anime Review: Dojin Work

Note: The review does not cover the live action segments that appear on the DVD’s.     

Dojin Work follows the life of a young girl named Najimi Osana and her exposure into the doujin world. She was first tempted into becoming a doujin artist after seeing how much one of her friends can make at a convention. Najimi loves to draw, though soon learns contrary to what she expected that this new world is anything but easy. As she attends more conventions and meets more people, Najimi eventually manages to find a group of very interesting friends. These friends already have some experience in the field and help her out along the way so that she can someday make a name for herself creating doujinshi.


Shows about doujinshi are rare to be found in the world of anime.  Comic Party comes to mind as one of the first anime shows to talk about the world of doujinshi.  Taking into consideration that Comic Party is based off an eroge game but it was still one of the first shows to focus on making doujinshi.  Dojin Work is one of the more recent shows to come out of Japan that focus on the world on doujinshi.

If there is one thing that Dojin Work does right is that it does not get preachy or bog down with pacing issues.  With each episode being fifteen minutes (ten minutes if you do not consider the OP and ED as part of the episode) each episode moves a lot of good clip and it feels like the time just passes by as you watch it.  The shortness of the series to watch (if you take out the OP and ED just 120 minutes  in total) is great if you have a very busy day and only a maybe an hour or less to watch anime a day or need to kill two hours in day.

Sadly, the length of the episodes is also its greatest downfall.  With just ten minutes for each episode there is not much time to do things like character development of focus on making doujinshi.  Dojin Work focuses mostly on comedy which is fine but you know a show about making doujinshi should oh I don’t know focus on making doujinshi.  The comedy is going to be hit or miss but most of it will depend on what kind of humor that you enjoy.  If you do not like sexual misunderstandings style jokes you will find this show to be not that funny.

The short length of the series also limits the development of the cast members.  Each of the cast members is given a few personality traits (nothing really new like making money and beating a rival) but none of these traits are really every developed or explained as why these people are that way.  This can however be pointed to length of each episode and the episode length.  If say Dojin Work was a 24 episode series or even longer there would be enough time to have some episodes that focus the personality traits of the cast and bring some character development to everyone.

Art and Animation:

There are many short cuts taken with the art and animation of this show.  Background characters are monochrome (red, green, or blue) colored and feature very little detail.  The main cast is given the most detail out of everyone and even that is limited animation wise.  Characters are flipped with little animation effort and any talking scene usually involves little movement of their bodies.  The background art is fine but does not feel as cheap as the character movement.

Music and Audio:

The music with the exception of the ED the music in Dojin Work is forgettable.  The OP is weak and just not sung very well.  The ED however sounds like it came from a video game and is easily the best piece of music from the whole series.

In a somewhat surprising twist of animation shortcuts and terrible music, the voice acting is probably the strongest part of Dojin Work.  Everone who gives their voice does a quality job with the roles that they are given.

Final Thoughts

Dojin Work is a show that on the surface should be great, but sadly, are its own worst enemy.  With episodes that are too short to do anything of real substance with the cast, cheap animation shortcuts, and forgettable music makes Dojin Work just a show that should have been great and could have brought some more insight into the world of doujinshi similar to Comic Party.  If you have not seen Comic Party then giving Dojin Work a shot is not going to be a huge set back time wise, but there are better ways to spend two hours of your time.

Score: 2/5

Pros: Good voice acting, humorous at times

Cons: Too short for its own good, cheap animation, lackluster music

Dojin Work is available from Right Stuf


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