Review: Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946

With a surprise bonus mini-review of a CURRENT series.

Super-Dreadnought Girl 4946:

Well, here you go, a picture of the volume 1 cover. Don’t fall for the girl like some otaku do, she is 50 meters tall. It won’t work. Well, almost 50 meters, a point she is insistent on. Some girls are really sensitive about their height. Last time I checked, 48 or 49 meters was close enough to 50 that if somebody said “nearly 50 meters tall” the general impression would be had.

Well, the plot. The giant girl is some sort of…alien? youkai? and she fights other monsters that try to attack…something in the city for some reason. Well, she starts by living in a giant tent on a school campus, where she fights something at the school, and some boy from that school sees her. Then, later on, when the media are pestering her, he says something along the lines of ‘leave my girlfriend alone!’

Well, a rather absurd beginning, but what else can be expected from a series with a 50 meter tall girl?

Of course, there is some romantic tension to try to spice up the fights and such, sadly, it fails to build much depth in the characters. But, those extra scenes somewhat play up the differences and characters into a rather amusing light, such as the amusement park date that all mangas seem required by law to have if there is any romance in it. So they go to the generic amusement park that every other manga or anime couple go to, and ride the generic ferris wheel. Or, at least, he rides it while she stands alongside.

Genre, it is somewhat of a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. I wasn’t expecting any hardness of sci-fi, and most assuredly not the hardness being brought in and violating the rules that the series works by.

Let me explain further: A giant girl violates the square/cube law. Simply put, it is impossible. Okay, the viewers can suspend their disbelief for the sake of a story-that is what story is for. But, a giant sword would also violate the same law. You can’t have a giant sword, first, the weight would be immense, second, it would simply break if you hit anything, a point that the series makes.

Look, I’ll accept that the square/cube law doesn’t apply in your world, series. However, if you are going to make up things about how the laws of physics behave, all I ask is that you not then go back over your own laws with a contradiction. Choose one and be done with it.

Oh, and did I mention that she gains some sort of super strong magical power if she eats the guy? Of course, if she doesn’t spit him back out soon enough, she will absorb his soul permanently. It isn’t played in a fetishy way, which is a big plus, but it is fetish inspired. Any reader of the comedy website Cracked will be able to identify the fetishes that inspired this.

In the end though, it is an amusing read. Just do realize that they do break their own rules they set forth, and they do so quite obviously. It still is, well, just fun.

Too bad it is a scan, this series would be a worthwhile one to release in the U.S.

score: 4/5 ‘Good’

Pros: It is silly and fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and simply takes a concept and rolls with it. Worth reading for the amusement factor

Cons: can’t even consistently follow its own universe laws, utter lack of depth, utter lack of character interest or story interest. If it wasn’t for the fact it is somewhat fun to read, there would be no reason to continue reading it-the only thing that keeps the reader even slightly immersed is the humor.

And the promised mini-review of a current series. In keeping with the theme of the seires, my review will be proportional the the length of the episodes (available on Crunchyroll.)

Moritasan wa Mukuchi

Yeah, it’s alright.


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