Beyblade, Babelights, Big Stinkin’ Difference!


Does this look like "babe lights" to you? Grumble, grumble!


Beyblade, Babe Lights, Big Stinkin’ Difference!

I’m working at an unmentionable, cut rate, mid-west merchandising chain (Not Big Lots. They were nice to me.) in the toy dept. I like toys. If no one’s looking, I have fun. This place was not into fun. They wanted you working every second, which meant straightening shelves that didn’t need it. I was in the “process” of doing this when I’m approached by this matron looking for “Babe Lights”.

“Babe Lights?”

“Yes! Babe Lights. Do you have them?”

I suggested she try the infants dept. but she insisted they were in toys. OK. So we start looking in the more younger oriented section & coming up zero. Babe Lights? She didn’t know what they were but knew we had them (I sure didn’t!). What were they? Something from Wham-O?

As the search dragged into long & fruitless, I call in the manager. They get to talking & getting nowhere even faster. FINALLY she says something about it having to do with a “cartoon”.

The manager asks, “could you mean Bey Blades?”

“That’s what I said! Babe Lights!”

“( @!#$%*! )”

I immediately led her to where we had the related item(s).

This was a show I only knew of in passing & has come & gone. Shoot. I may not know much about a lot of things but if people would pronounce words correctly, I can at least retrieve/point things out. Geez!

Article copyright © 6-21-2011 Jay Agan

This article originally posted at Jays’ Tee Vee.



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