Fall 2011 Anime First Impression: Mirai Nikki

Plot Synopsis: “Loner Yukiteru Amano uses his cell phone to report everything that he sees to his imaginary pal “Deus Ex Machina.” One day, Deus talks back, launching Yuki into a deadly game— each player’s phone reports the future in exactly the style that the player would have written it, meaning that not everyone has complete information. Oh, and they’re all supposed to try and kill each other…the last player standing wins godhood.”

Thoughts: I am not sure why anyone would keep a diary on a cell phone, but who cares there godhood to be obtained.  So it seem that Deus the god of time and space decides to start a game where the lives of the players are hooked up do their diaries.  If their diary goes away they die, last person left becomes the god of time and space.

Does this sound like an interesting concept to base a show on?  You bet it is interesting to watch.  So things do not move along that quickly here in the first episode but it does leave open the potential for what is in store in the later episodes.  There are a few things that are not explained here like why these specific people were chosen for this contest, but this will probably be explained in a later episode.

The character designs are good and the background art looks great as well.  There is no fanservice to be found at all so those who do not like fanservice should be pleased.  The soundtrack is great to listen to and the voice acting is also great especially with Norio Wakamoto giving his voice to Deus.

Mirai Nikki could easily the best show of the season depending on how it turns out.  If you want something different from the currently airing shows or want something a little more gripping than you can do no wrong with Mirai Nikki

Score 4/5


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