Fall 2011 Anime First Impression: Ben-To

Plot Synopsis: “Saving money on a half-price Ben-To (box lunch) is no laughing matter: in the world of high schooler You Sato, the placement of a half-off sticker can set off a battle of extreme proportions right in the middle of the supermarket. Along with martial artist Sen Yarizui and half-Italian glasses-girl Ayame, You must learn to navigate grocery stores on an entirely new level.”

Thoughts: Ridiculous concepts can work if they pulled off correctly.  To say the whole concept behind the show Ben-To is ridiculous is an understatement.  It is a tad crazy with a dash of humor and fighting in for good measure.  It is smart and takes a serious look at what it is like to eat when you do not have much money?  Hell no, not even it is not even in the same ballpark as smart.  It is stupid, but it is fun stupid.  This is leave your brain at the door entertainment at its finest.  Really, you should not even try to think why a battle royale breaks out when a bento box goes half price.

While this is a fun series to watch, not everyone is going to enjoy this show.  To put it simply there are two camps with this show that you can fall into you either love the show, or you hate it.  You cannot sort of like it.  That is exactly the kind of show this is.

The character designs are good and so is the background art.  The fighting scenes that we get in the latter half of the episode are fun to watch and enjoyable on all levels.  The music is not too shabby either.

Ben-to while being the shortest named title this is season, is also one of the wackiest shows this season as well.  The whole concept of fighting over half-priced bento boxes might seems like a stupid concept but if you happen to like popcorn entertainment type shows this would be right up your alley.  Of course this show is not going to please everyone.

Score: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Anime First Impression: Ben-To

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