Fall 2011 First impressions: Mashiro-Iro Symphony

Plot Synopsis: “Shingo Uryu’s elite academy is merging with a prestigious school for girls in the same town. A batch of boys— including Shingo, of course —are sent to the girl’s school early to partially integrate before the full merger…but all of the girls hate boys. Shingo must befriend the girls and convince them to give his fellow classmates a shot.”

Thoughts:  Have you ever watched a show or an episode of a show and once you finished watching it say to yourself, “I have seen this done before and it has been done much better? “  If you have not you are going to be saying that after you finish watching the first episode of Mashiro-Iro Symphony.  This whole episode just screams and bleeds generic.  Just about everything that we are presented with here is generic, the voice acting, the character design, the background art, the cast from the little we have seen so far is generic and uninspiring.

The show moves at such a slow pace that you might fall asleep before the episode is even over.  Hell, half the episode is about a character being stuck in the rain for Christ’s sake.   The character designs fit the moe standard and do not really even try to be above average.  The background art is okay but is nothing special and forgettable.  The cast which is important to any otaku show here is nothing but run of the mill character types that we have seen before.  The nice lucky dude, the younger sister who acts way younger than her age, the maid character, and to top it all off a tsundere that is way too tsun tusn and not enough dere dere.  What makes this so jarring to see is that earlier in the episode the same tsundere was nice to the male lead.  Then later out she is flipping out at him.  I mean what the hell gives?

I guess there is one good thing about this series and that is the music is no so bad to listen at all.  It is a masterpiece of the audio experience.  No, but it does enough that you just listen to that and be happy, but even then it just brings the slow pacing of the show out even more.

I guess if you are curious to see more of the same moe shows that we have seen a bunch of times before or maybe you need to fall asleep Mashiro-Iro Symphony will do the trick.  If you are not looking for either, do me a favor and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!

Score: 1/5


2 thoughts on “Fall 2011 First impressions: Mashiro-Iro Symphony

  1. Personally, I thought the ending scene where Airi defiantly said she wouldn’t accept boys in what is supposed to be an all girls school it’s only saving grace. Otherwise, you described it perfectly.

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