Fall 2011 Anime First Impression: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Plot Synopsis: “In the very far future, Humans have returned from the skies down to Earth again. In order to be able to reach the skies once more, people have created a history book called “Testament,” and follow its contents to reproduce events in History. However, the book stops at the year 1648, which means that fate will stop and the world will end at that date. People have mixed emotions as each nation goes on reproducing history while exploring ways to open their future. And so, the world has reached 1648, and therefore, the end of its fate. Some colossal changes are in store…”

Thoughts: To say that the first episode of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere moves at a fast paced is a bit of an understatement, it moves at Mach speed instead.  What do we get with the first episode of this series?  Well we get just a bit of everything jam packed into one seriously fast episode.  We have teens with super powers, fight scenes, a red blob, a incubus with no genitals, a stereotypical Indian (from India not a Native American), females with massive breasts, ninja, etc.  I have to stop talking about every character type or I will be here forever typing this out.

So it seem that something happened and now people lives on ships above Earth, and somehow history is starting to repeat itself and something bad could happen.  This first episode is action heavy with a capital h.  After a few minutes of explain what is going to happen we get right to the fighting and fighting we get.  The class tries to attack the PE teacher in order to get some excused skip days from school.  So after this is all said an done the main male character appears, explains why he was late (he was buying ergoe god love him) then goes and fondles the teacher (which is censored by the way.)  He then talks about asking some dead girl out which leads on to that there may be more to the story and what may be presented.

That is not to say that there are not some flaws here in the first episode.  We are not given much information though 95% of the episode about what the hell is going on, but the last few minutes tells us that the world is fucked up and it looks like the shit might hit the fan again.

The animation for the fight scenes are fun to watch and are well animated.  There is no real confusion about what is going on when someone is fighting and Sunrise put a lot of effort into making the fight scenes exciting.  The special effects that are used are good as well.  The character designs are good and everyone is distinct from another character presented.  The voice acting is good and so is the music that fits the actions scenes nicely.

The first episode of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is not going to please everyone.  Those looking for some real backstory up front are going to be disappointed not to find it here.  Those looking for a lot of action are going to be happy.  There is a bit of something for everyone, but time will tell if Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere will be a sleeper hit for this season or just another adaptation that tries too hard to pack the show with everyone at one time.

Score: 3/5

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is streaming on The Anime Network


7 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Anime First Impression: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

  1. oh, it must be mentioned that you HAVE to watch this from The Anime Network (or horriblesubs if you don’t have access to that *cough cough*) because of the 6 subs that are out, only those are the most accurate and consistent with the novels. at least, from what i know from the novels.

    • I did watch it from TAN. I was thinking about stating it, I figured that with the link most people would use that (or Horrible subs rips) if they cannot access TAN.

      • I salute you good sir.
        Having seen Hadena’s subs (along with almost all the others), every time I talk about the show with others, I make sure to put a lot of emphasis on TAN/Horrible, because no other subs are as accurate.
        Though it would be best to keep a copy of Commie’s, cause Horriblesubs are hardsubbed with eyecancer typesetting/substyling.

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  3. Hmm, I was along the impression that actually, nobody liked this. It was all so ridiculous, that maybe… it might’ve been good to some people. Yet, even after writing a post from the SUPER COOL EXPLOSION ACTION FUCK YEAH fan group angle, I still fail to see how Horizon can impress. If you’re just looking for explosions, why watch anime? Why not game?

    • It is not supposed to be high entertainment. It is more or less popcorn movie, okay popcorn entertainment. I think that is why I like it, it is so ridiculous.

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