Fall 2011 Anime First Impressions: Phi Brain Puzzle of God

Plot Synopsis: “One day, Kaito Daimon, a high school boy who loves puzzles, and his childhood friend, Nonoha, decide to challenge the “unsolvable puzzle” hidden in the underground ruins near their school. This is the “Philosopher’s Puzzle,” a life-threatening game created by the mysterious think-tank known as “POG.” By obtaining what lay sealed within that puzzle, Kaito is chosen as a candidate to become a Phi-Brain (one who posses a “golden ratio brain”). Now, as a Solver (puzzle solver) he and his highly unique companions find themselves wrapped up in POG’s Puzzle Battles surrounding the Philosopher’s Puzzle.”

Thoughts: Some shows stretch reality a bit, other just Fuc* reality, Phi Brain Puzzle of God is the latter group.  The main character Kaito is obsessed with puzzles.  He is obsessed with puzzle to the same extent that a sports fan that is obsessed either with their team or their own fantasy teams that they create in their spare time.  In fact, just about everyone that has been introduced so far takes puzzle seriously because remember puzzles are serious business.  None of this is taken tongue in cheek; it is all serious all the time.  The whole concept is wacky, yet it all works.  Sunrise produced the series and it looks good.  The character designs are well and so is the background art.

The first episode moves at almost break-neck speed but it works for what we are given in with the series.  The script for the first episode is good and written well for the cast.  The biggest thing that has to be said is that you cannot watch the first episode in a serious manner; it is just too goofy to do so.

In the end the first episode of Phi Brain can please just about everyone and it is something that should not be missed.

Score: 4/5


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