Third Impact On The Way October 21!

Sorry Evangelion fans. THE END ain't gonna happen this way!

Third Impact On The Way October 21!

OK. So Harold Camping didn’t get it quite right for May 21. Nobody vanished “in the twinkling of an eye” & nothing more than the usual chaos, murder, & mayhem has occured since. Before suffering a stroke in June, Mr. Camping said a “spiritual” judgement has been made by God & the actual rapture’s gonna take place October 21 along with the destruction of the world. More than likely, nothing’s gonna happen then either, & as it will be October, yours truely is probably gonna be watching old black ‘n white horror flicks then, howsomever …..

When 10-21 or thereabout rolls around & you start hearing Komm Susser Tod (Come Sweet Death) playing in the background. ….. Run!

Run! Run like you’ve never run before in your entire life. Run til your heart stops. Run til you can run no more & ….. Keep running.

While it may be true that no one gets away from LillithRei, it doesn’t hurt to try. Yes, she may “know” the desires of everyones’ heart making resistance futile (In my case she’d appear as a girlfriend from LONG ago who I should NOT have broken up with.). Give it a go anyway.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re on your own.

So there.

Well, no one can accuse me of not tipping ’em off. It’s every man for himself & I’ve got a new pair of track shoes. Yessir! No “liquid nirvanna” for me! I’m ready to ….. Huh? ….. Well hi hon! I haven’t seen you in ….. Wait a minute! You’re not her! YOU’RE NOT HER! No way you’re gonna get me! It’ll be a cold day in ….. What the!? …..How’d you get ahead a’ me! ….. YIKE! …..Splat! ….. burble ….. burble …..

LCL. Wotta you got that sticks or squeaks?

Article copyright © 9-20-2011 Jay Agan

This article was first posted on Jays’ Tee Vee.


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